Learning Through Pictures

I think that, more than thousands of words, images give the right feeling of what we mean or what we try to explain, so I’ve chosen pictures from all around the world of soccer to emphasize fundamental principles.

One of the basics is to forgive yourself when you make a mistake and try to forget it.

Whatever has happened has happened.
It’s gone.
There’s nothing you can do to change the past.
But you can
forgive yourself
and look forward
to not repeating
the same mistake.


One thing is for sure, if you don’t forgive yourself immediately and try to forget the mistake, you’ll repeat it and make others.








Try to always keep your eyes open, in particular when hitting with the head.







In particular when we’re on the wall against a free kick and absolutely

DON’T JUMP. Your opponent can shoot on the ground and score.

During the game.

Or in practice.

I know it’s hard, but if you close your eyes the ball can hit you very hard and you’re totally unprepared to absorb the impact!

So, always, eyes open and look forward.

50% of your attention on
the ball and 50% forward.
You know where the ball is.
Look for your teammates.
Look for opportunities.






Eyes on the ball is fundamental
in every sport. This makes Agassi
hard to beat.




Eyes open and enjoy the results of your effort!






Absolutely no good.


Eyes totally closed, means not only that the ball can come straight to your nose (ouch!) but you can hit the opponent in your effort.





And because I’m talking about safety, entering this way against a goalie, could be very bad for him.

Eyes closed.

Clearly late on the ball.

Knee flexed ready to hit.

Full speed instead of slowing down.

Can you imagine a more dangerous situation?



So, eyes open and always jump the goalie when he comes towards you.

Just a suggestion for the goalie. Never lie on top of the ball on the ground. If someone falls on you, the ball can hurt your ribs or internal organs.

Respect the goalie’s
safety, even if the
impact is negative
for you.








Another aspect of safety, never challenge the head of an opponent with your foot.

Better to slow down and not hit him in the face.

When you try to win the ball back, attack the ball not the foot or the leg of your opponent.


If you can, try to jump
to avoid contact.







This is the right way to win the ball back.

Straight on the ball


Slide on the ground. Straight on the ball!


Remember to fight and never give up in following an opponent who beat you.




Good and keep your center of gravity low.


Don’t be beaten
and look at your
opponent going
away with the ball.
Follow and put
pressure on her.
Don’t wait for some
other player to do it.
She beat you, not them!


Another fundamental aspect is to shoot with the right technique.


I’m smiling because I know I'm going to score.


If you want to shot a curve ball,
bend it like Alessandro Del Piero.
Lean like him,
keep a low center of gravity,
hit the ball with inside of your foot
and, when you shoot,
visualize in your mind
the trajectory of the ball.
It will go where you want.


A few recommendations

This is Pele’ holding
the World Cup.
Only a few hundred players
have had this honor
among millions.

Even if you don’t get to
this level, free your room
from trophies and medals
that were given to you
just for wearing the uniform
and stepping onto
the soccer field.

In America I’ve seen kid’s rooms, 12 or 13 years old, full of trophies, medals and diplomas. How is it possible at that age?
I was very good, but I won my first trophy at 17. I waited a long time, but it was worth it because it was the National Title.

Real trophies last forever


After the game
your direct opponent
don’t just shake hands
without even looking
at them.



Practice hard!

When you run, imitate the sprinters.
Short steps and put your foot on the ground UNDER you not FORWARD.
This will speed you up a lot.



Don’t be afraid.
Short or tall,
in soccer it’s
the same.


Congratulate your coach
when you win.
I know it’s our fault
when you loose and
it’s your merit when you win.
But sometimes, make an exception.

Be a team!

Be supportive.


Always comfort and
sustain your teammate.

Always try,
even if you know
you can’t save it.
Every time you give up,
you shorten the range
of your effort.




Even though most think
that Pele’ was number one,
in my opinion Maradona
was the best.
I know that soccer
is a team sport
and each one has to be
at the service of the team.
But Maradona was
the only player
who could win a game
by himself.
He was the only unique,
magic exception.
So, don’t imitate him
in sports or in life.


P.S. This is rugby.
Very polite and
Played by GENTLEMEN!


(If you have made it this far, you're a true lover of soccer)


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