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The greatest quality of the greatest players is humility

This is a quote from Coach Arrigo Sacchi.

For sure, the greatest Italian coach and one of the 3 or 4 best coaches ever in the history of soccer.

Like Rinus Mitchel, the inventor of Total Soccer, or Global Soccer who unfortunately past away this year, Sacchi is a scholar of soccer. His point of view and his approach is crystal clear. There are no single players who win games. Any team, as a unit, can reach any goal, even winning the World Cup.

The Chievo team in Italy, is the most explicit example. Under the guidance of coach Gigi Delneri, this team won 4 consecutive championships, arriving in Serie A, the ultimate level of professional soccer in Italy, coming from a semi-professional level. More specifically, they won the 4th division, the D,C and B divisions arriving in Serie A to compete with A.C. Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus, 3 of the 10 strongest teams in the entire world.

When they got there, how did they do it? For the first 6 months of the season they were on the top of the standings, regularly beating these, apparently unbeatable, teams.

With what? HUMILITY.

Players who were semi-professional, (that means they go to work and AFTER work they practice and play soccer) became professionals who could compete with and beat superstars who earned 5/7 million dollars a year!

HUMILITY. What an underestimated weapon.

Like every other human being, there are a few words that frustrate me and the worst is "I know", answered back from players when I suggest corrections.


"I know". It just kills me. Please just say, "Thanks coach. I understand and I'm trying to do it".

I still learn something everyday and I'm 57. They know everything and they're only in their teens! My only comfort is that I was like that when I was a teenager. Almost all of us were like that when we were teens, but not everyone. Those who had the 'humility' to listen, were the ones who excelled in every field of life. Soccer fields too! They were able to listened with their minds, not with their ears and were able to see with their minds and not with their eyes.

For all of you young players, I hope you learn this lesson in your youth.

Coach Gianni