Quotations and Soccer Tips

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When we're not practicing, remember, someone, somewhere is practicing and when we meet them, they will win.

With a couple of practices and a game or two a week, during the season, a coach can't do miracles. Warm up, stretching, 10/15 minutes of individual skills, some drills altogether, a final scrimmage, cool down and final talk. The practice is over in the blink of an eye and then we face the next game.

What really makes a difference in a players personal development, is what he does in working with the best coach in the world: HIMSELF!

A really dedicated player knows exactly what he has to do.
Does he need another coach to tell him to juggle 100 times? Surely not. Does he need another coach to tell him to tap the ball, left/right, passing forward with the sole of the foot and take it back? Surely not.
There are dozens of simple exercises (I hate the word drill) that a player can do by himself to improve fundamental skills.

The real problem is not what to do. Everybody knows what to do. The real problem is deciding to DO IT!

When you take lessons to learn to play the guitar, I'd like to believe that during the week you pick up the guitar and play for the pleasure of playing. If you take voice lessons, I'm sure that sometimes you sing by yourself (in or out of the shower).

So, it's the same in soccer. Everyday find 10/15 minutes in your room, in the back yard or in the garage to play with the soccer ball and enjoy the satisfaction of beating yesterdays record in juggling. It was 21? Try to get to 22 until you do it! Keep the ball balanced on top of your forehead. Tap left/right and pass the ball through the leg of a chair in front of you, like through the leg of an opponent and sprint a few feet to catch the ball.

Be a little creative everyday.

Your 'real' coach will notice at the next practice and for sure, he'll give you more game time. Not to bad for only having learned how to trick a chair!

Coach Gianni