Quotations and Soccer Tips

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An error doesn't become a mistake until we refuse to correct it.

No one is perfect.
The beauty of being human is our imperfection. It's this that permits a few to excel.
What a boring situation it would be if, in baseball, everyone could hit the ball into the bay, or in basketball, keep scoring from the center line, or in soccer, trick all the opponents by yourself and put the ball in the opposite net.
Where would the fun be? Everyone on both teams can score. And what a score for a soccer game, 57-57 would be. The fun part would come after the extra time, when we'd come to the series of penalty kicks to decide the winner. It would go on forever, 1000-1000. Very boring.

So, welcome imperfection. But this doesn't mean welcome errors. We can fix them and the more we fix, the more we move towards perfection.
We have to constantly try to get better because, when we stop doing this, we slowly go backward. It's inevitable.

We never forget how to bike, even after years, but this doesn't mean we can go to The Tour de France! We just bike and on the first hill we have to give up.
In soccer, if we don't fix our errors by practicing, we just kick the ball around but we're NOT soccer players. It's here, that our errors become mistakes and we get frustrated.

So please, go back to the soccer field and practice, even by yourself, as a real soccer player and don't let your errors become definitive mistakes.

Coach Gianni