Quotations and Soccer Tips

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Everything is relative. 'Something' is a fraction more than a 'little', but a 'little' is enormously more than 'nothing'.

As I've said many times, too many players are unable to juggle. Apparently, they look good but when they handle the ball there's a clear sensation that something is missing and that 'something', is the confidence with the ball that comes with being able to juggle.

Juggling is the equivalent doing the scales on the piano, the guitar or the voice. There is no way to improve on playing an instrument (the voice is an instrument too) without scales executed for a minimum of 10/15 minutes everyday.
It's the same in soccer. We have to do our 'soccer scale' to improve without a coach who supervises us.
10 or 15 minutes a day in your house, in the back yard, in the garage, by yourself. The improvement would be tangible in a few weeks.
Take the ball in your hands, drop it and kick it back with the right foot to your hands. Do it 10 consecutive times. When you've got it, repeat it with the left. Don't cheat! Do it 10 consecutive times. If you make a mistake, start over.
When you've got it, again starting with the ball in the hands, try one right and left then the ball back in the hands. 10 consecutive times.
When you can do this, try 4 consecutive times R,L,R,L and ball back to hands for 10 times.
Only when you've succeed, try to juggle without interruption. If it works, good. If you keep making a mistake on the third or the forth touch, go back to taking the ball in your hands.


If you try to juggle without using your hands, with every mistake the ball goes 10 yards away and you use your time collecting the ball without any improvement.
Good luck and remember, a 'little' everyday, is enormously more than 'nothing'!

Coach Gianni