Quotations and Soccer Tips

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Happiness is seeing a ball rebound. There's nothing sadder than a flat ball.

These are the words of Edson Arantes do Nascimiento, who all of you know as Pele`. O Rey!

In sports there is nothing sadder than a flat ball in the corner of the garage. It's the same with a baseball bat or a mitt, a basketball or a pair of cleats covered with dry mud or a tennis racket with a few strings broken.

All these objects, were with us on a sports field and with them, I hope, all of you had great moments of joy and excitement. They are impregnated with positive energy and are alive. Why leave them dusty and forgotten in a corner?

Put some air in your soccer or basketball.
Put some oil on your mitt.
Put new strings on your racket and put them in a place of honor in your room.
They are good friends that are always ready to play with you, no matter what the weather, no matter if you win or lose, always ready to give you the winning assist and always happy for your achievement. The only thing they ask in exchange, is to share your joy. Not too much, considering what they give to us.

Coach Gianni