Quotations and Soccer Tips

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The best and faster way to learn a sport is to watch and imitate a champion.

In this country, with all do respect, we don't have many outstanding soccer players and it's hard to imitate someone who is good but isn't our 'hero'.
We're already, more or less acceptable so, what can we learn from someone who is almost the same as us (in our minds)?

Try to learn how the champions collect and redistribute the ball in launching a counter attack.
Look at the way the 4 defenders constantly find each other, making the forwards crazy who are trying to win the ball back.
Look at how in 2/3 passes they put a forward in the position to score.
Look at the superstars, how they make the ball 'disappear', surrounded by 2/3 opponents and 'reappear' 10 yards away in a totally free zone of the field.
In other words look at the Kobe's and the Bonds' of soccer in action.
They're 'magic' like them!

Coach Gianni