Quotations and Soccer Tips

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Forgive yourself and try to forget the mistake.

No one is perfect.
The greatest soccer players, have made mistakes that caused their teams to loose a World Cup!
Something unbelievably good that could happen ONE TIME IN THE LIFE, only for a few players among millions and they made a mistake that ruins 15/20 years of sacrifice.
The greatest player is not one who doesnít make mistakes, but who is able to forget them and look forward to not repeating them.
Itís happened, itís gone and thereís nothing you can do to change the past. We can only manage the present.

What is the future?
A constant and infinite sequence of presents!

Look forward and forgive yourself.
Sometimes weíre too hard on ourselves. Itís right to be demanding on ourselves, before being so with others. We know ourselves better than anyone else and we have to be straight.
Never make exceptions that could easily become negative habits, but we are human and, like I said, weíre not perfect.
So, sometimes, not always, we have to make exceptions and forgive ourselves.
Others have already forgiven us when we make mistakes on the field, but itís our forgiveness of ourselves that makes us better people.

Try. Youíll see the results.

Coach Gianni