Quotations and Soccer Tips

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Excellence is a habit.

Everything, if itís done regularly, becomes a habit.
Itís like that for every bad habit and itís the same for the good habits.
When we eat too much, sleep too much, drink too much, work too much, watch too much TV, we get used to it. We become addicted.
Our bodies get used to it and it Ďneedsí it. Thereís not way to slow down without a great effort.
The good part of this principle is that itís true for the opposite.
If we eat right, sleep enough, drink one glass of wine, work 8 hours a day and limit our TV, this becomes a habit too.

Coming to soccer, when there are not official practices, improve constantly in any case, juggle everyday for 10-15 minutes, run 20-30 minutes, kick the ball to a wall with both feet for 10 minutes or hit the ball with the head for 5 minutes, itís very easy and affordable for everyone.

Youíll see that after 2 weeks it has become a habit and youíll feel the unbelievable result on the field.

Excellence, like every bad habit, will become a habit too.
Believe me.

Coach Gianni