Quotations and Soccer Tips

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The greatest mistake players can make, is not to shoot when they have the chance.

If you have to synthesize in a few words how a soccer game works, you could say: ďKick the ball into the opposite net!Ē. Thatís it.
After that, we can talk about hundreds of topics for hours and practice for years, pass, trap, cross, keep the right shape, counter attack, off side trap, pressure, etc., with dozens of drills 1 v 1, 2 v 2, 4 v 2, a thousand v a thousand!

How much time have we dedicated to shooting?
5%? 10%? 20%?

I think that the essence of soccer is to shoot and put the ball in the net so, with the exception of drills to improve fundamentals, every drill should end with putting the last player in the position to shoot and make it!

1 v 1? O.K. 4 v 2? O.K. But after keeping the possession of the ball for 5 passes, shoot in goal. The others win the ball back? Shoot in goal.

I believe that we donít put enough emphasis in finalizing everything we do on the field, with the goal of making GOALS!
This has to happen every minute, not every 20 or 30 minutes because an opponent defender misses a pass and we have a chance for a breakthrough.

I think that if, in a 2 hour practice, shooting is involved for a minimum of 1 hour, weíll see the shooters taking more opportunities in the game when they have them.

There is no more simple concept than: If we donít shoot, we donít score.
But we need to learn this in practice.

Coach Gianni