Quotations and Soccer Tips

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The ball moves faster than you can run so, use your brain.

I love this quotation and I’ll add “instead of your feet”.

Recently I found out a few numbers that underline this aspect of the game, thanks to the book written by Coach Karl Dewazien. (You’ll find him on the “Links” page under Fundamental Soccer)

-In 90 minutes, the ball is under the control of both teams for 44 minutes.
-For 22 minutes the ball is out of play.
-For 24 minutes the ball is traveling between players.

This is clearly on the average but it’s very close to reality and leads to an unbelievable conclusion.


Assuming they play the whole game, what are they doing in the other 88 minutes?
Simple. They go to the right position for receiving the ball or to better defend.
The thing not to do, except in a ’breakthrough’, is to run carrying the ball. You’ll never get to the same place handling the ball, in the same time that it takes the ball to get there. Raise your head and send the ball there!

Carrying the ball means slowing the action down and this results in only one thing: giving the opponent team the time to get in the right position.
This will save you a lot of energy that you can use in the 88 minutes in which your looking to receive the ball.

Instead of carrying a letter to it’s recipient, how many other things could you do with that time, if you send it by mail?
It’s the same in playing soccer. Use your brain, not your feet.

Coach Gianni