Quotations and Soccer Tips

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Not everyone who practices everyday is a Champion, but everyone who is a Champion practices everyday.

I think that all of the new generation knows who Joe Satriani is and Iíd like to believe that even someone of my generation knows him!
But, if you donít know of him, Iíll tell you that heís one of the greatest guitar players in the world.
Do you know how many hours he practices everyday?
You donít know? Iíll tell you.


He is unbelievably good and he still practices 10 hours everyday. Maybe thatís why heís so good.
But thereís something curious about this. He doesnít call it practice, he says, ďIím just playing!Ē. For 10 hours he does scales, exercises and experiments with new effects.

I remember that when I was young, some friends and I went to visit another friend who was a medical student. It was 11:30 at night and he was lying on the sofa holding open a book of anatomy. When we said, ďHey, youíre still studying at this late hour?Ē, his answer was, ďIím not studying, Iím just reading.Ē
He was reading a book of anatomy at 11:30 at night, for the pleasure of knowing about something that his inquisitive mind loved to know.
For other students it was called study, but for him it was just reading.

For some players practice is called practice but for a few lucky players itís called PLAYING SOCCER, for the pleasure of playing and becoming a better soccer player.

So, ask yourself, ďAm I practicing or am I playing?Ē

Coach Gianni