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To be the best, you have to beat the best.
There is an attitude in the new generations that’s not so good.
They prefer to excel among the less talented, than to be the last among the most talented.
Where is the pride in winning against someone who is clearly inferior? How can this make us feel good? How can we become better and improve our performance if we continue to play against those who are not as good as we are?
And here, I’m not only talking about soccer. I’m talking about chess, video games or any game that involves winning or losing.

I sometimes call the new generations, the “restart generations”.

When they play video games, they set the program in a way that they can hardly loose! And when they give the computer a little chance, if the game is going badly, they stop and restart, dozens and dozens of times until, by chance, they win. When that happens, they jump up and cheer their victory around the room, forgetting they lost dozens of times, before this sporadic victory.

The habit of eliminating the defeat and celebrating only the victories is a bad one. It has nothing to do with forgetting the defeat and looking forward, because in this case we’ve finished the game. We can win or we can loose, but we shouldn’t stop the game and erase it as if it wasn‘t being played.
They get to the point in which if they’re asked, after a defeat, “What was the score?”, they answer: “I DON’T REMEMBER!”. But when they win, they remember the score really well.
This is not good.

The first step in learning how to win, in sports and in life, is to learn how to loose, accept it and give merit to the opponents.
Too many times I’ve seen kids, here and in Italy, who, when they win are the best and when they loose, say: “Who cares?”.
Doesn’t this suppose that others only win because we weren’t good and not because they were better? When is it their turn to be the best?

The only way to correct this wrong attitude is to always challenge those who are better than us and, if we loose, practice and practice again, to become better. When we finally beat them, we can rightly celebrate because now, we are really the best.

If you lie to yourself in pretending to be the best, you have to lie for the rest of your life.
In real life, there is no ‘restart’ button.

Coach Gianni