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Good enough is not good enough.

Why are the soccer players who excel in the category U10, not the same players who excel at the U14 level?
And why, in general, are the soccer players who excel at U14, not the same who excel at U18?
It seems logical that if someone is good at U10, theyíre still good when they grow up.

There are many explanations why this happens.
Maybe other sports become more interesting to them.
Maybe they donít continue to grow in the same way, so other players become more physically developed.
Sometimes, they arenít lucky enough to have the right coach. There are good and poor soccer players. There are good and poor referees and so, there are good and poor coaches, too. Thatís life.

But the main reason that the good players donít remain the same with the passing of years is that they think, I AM GOOD ENOUGH.
Team mates tell them how good they are. Friends do the same. Parents even, and coaches, too.
So, why get better?


If the talented player doesnít try constantly to improve, sooner or later (more soon than later) theyíll be left behind by other players who work harder.
This happens in every field (not only on the soccer field).
At school when someone excels in history, literature or math, they tend to sleep in this momentary supremacy and in a few months or the next year, the others in the class pass them up.

So, donít sleep, but strive to constantly get better. Listen to your coaches when they push you to improve, even if in that moment you look good.
In real life, if next year you have the same money you had last year, youíve already lost money because everything costs a little more.

Just staying where you are already means going back a little.

Remember, Good Enough Is Not Good Enough if you want to bring out the best in yourself.

Coach Gianni