Quotations and Soccer Tips

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Being able to juggle doesn't mean you're a soccer player, but if you can't, you're not a soccer player.

This concept is very simple so, why are so many players not good jugglers?
The fact you are able to write doesnít automatically mean youíre a writer, but if youíre illiterate how can you write a book?
Being able to cook doesnít automatically mean youíre a chef, but how can you be a chef if you even burn a boiled egg?

Too many times Iíve seen players who apparently are good, but they have holes in their soccer fundamentals.
Occasionally theyíre good shooters, good passers, good crossers, but thereís always the sensation that something is missing. The way they touch the ball, the fact they arenít always in control in trapping and changing direction quickly with the ball Ďgluedí to their foot, says that they arenít good jugglers.

If you canít juggle alternatively left/right minimum 20 consecutive times, you have a problem to fix and to fix it, thereís only one solution.


-Juggle a minimum of 15 minutes a day.
-You donít need to be on the soccer field. It could be the back yard, the garage or even your room.
-Take the ball in your hands, drop it, kick it with the right foot and take it back in your hands. When you can do it 10 consecutive times, try with the left foot until you can do it 10 consecutive times with the ball always coming back to your hands.
-Then, always starting with the ball in your hands, try left/right just one time. When you can do this 10 consecutive times try 2 consecutives left/rights. Once again 10 consecutive times with the ball coming back to your hands, and so on until there is no limit to the number.


Donít go to the next level if youíre not able to do it 10 consecutive times.

The goal is not to juggle occasionally 15 consecutive times and the next time make a mistake after 2 or 3 times. Be disciplined in learning. When you can do it 20 consecutive times it doesnít mean youíre automatically a soccer player, but remember, if you canít, YOUíRE NOT!

Coach Gianni