Quotations and Soccer Tips

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Practices are for learning, games are to see if we've learned.
For many players, practice means going to the field and playing a game. The only thing that we can learn during a game is that we can learn nothing during a game!

If the game is official, the pressure takes us away from learning and it’s even hard just to listen to or follow our coach’s suggestions.

If the game is for fun, and it’s really good to play for fun, then everything is for fun and we don’t give the right effort in order to learn.

We learn in practice how to move altogether as a team, simulating and repeating systematically the key situations we find in the official games.

In repeating them correctly, we permit ourselves to act mechanically and automatically correct, under the pressure of the opponents. The habit of not loosing our heads under pressure is achieved only in practice.

When we repeat exercises in the right way, after a while our brain knows we’ll repeat them and it builds new neuron connections. In other words, a kind of short cut in the computer that is our minds, that permits us to save time in searching for that movement.

We will act and react faster and better because we do it automatically under pressure, without letting the stress of emotions push us to make mistakes.

And because we develop new brain connections, electric and chemical, we get smarter and these new short cuts help us in all the other stressful situations, from studying to all other activities, present and future.

We become smarter and better people.

Learning during practice and using the game to see if we’ve learned is the equivalent of studying to succeed in life. Trying to learn something fundamental late in life could be very painful. Better to learn now when we can correct our mistakes in time, without wounds that take a lot of time to heal.

Coach Gianni