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The 10 commandments of what not to do in a Soccer/Football game.
I always ask my soccer/football students, in particular to the young ones......... "are you a kid who just likes to play soccer, or are you a young soccer player ?"

If the answer is......."I'm just a kid who likes to play soccer" then I say that they don't need me. That means that the Parents don't have to pay me in order to have their kids have fun !!!! They are kids who just want to play soccer, which is great and very fun, but they don't need me. Just bring them to a park or a beach and have them have all the fun that they want with their friends !!!!

I'm not a babysitter !!!!! I'm a soccer teacher !!! There are piano teachers, singing teachers, dancing teachers and so on, so, I'm one of them.

But, if their answer is......"I'm a young soccer player" then I will explain that they are in a soccer/football class, I'm the teacher and they are my soccer students !!!!

Following this way of thinking, it could be useful to also underline what (of course, in my opinion) are a few principles that could be condensed into what I call........

The 10 commandments of what not to do in a Soccer/Football game.

To clarify, this has nothing to do with what is normally expected from a soccer player.........BEFORE........even talking about the way he/she should act on the field to be considered a...........young soccer player.

There are things such as, being on time, respect your school (or club), your teammates, the opponents, the referees, the equipment, the coaches, and all the aspects connected with........."the way of behaving properly" that have nothing to do with soccer/football. These things have to do with the fact of being a NORMAL human being !!!

If someone is not a NORMAL human being, then he/she should not even dream to come close to a soccer/football field !!!!

So, having a group of NORMAL human beings, then we can consider the 10 commandments that could define what a soccer/football player should respect on the field.

Last clarification: instead of pointing out what to do, which could be hundreds of things, for me it's more important and easier to point out what absolutely not to do !!!

1) Don't stay there as a statue in the middle of the field.

This means, hunt for the ball when it's close to you, after a pass sprint to a better position ready to receive the ball back, don't hide behind opponents but instead move and create opportunities for your teammates.

2) Don't dribble the ball in the big box.

If you win the ball back on your big box, don't dribble it around. If you lose it (and you probably will !!!) the other team will score so, instead, immediately send it out to the side of the big box, where a team mate should already be and from there he/she will start a powerful counter attack.

3) Don't let the ball bounce. EVER !!!

This means that, when the ball comes to you from the air, it should be immediately controlled and put on the ground with the feet, the thighs or the chest. That way, NOW, you can do what ever you want because the ball is 100 % in your possession. As long as the ball is still bouncing, it's always 50-50 % with a good chance to...............lose it !!!!

4) Don't pass the ball back to the keeper, in the frame.

I know that in this country passing the ball back to the keeper (or back in general !!!) is almost unknown but, hoping that you'll do that anyway, pass it in a way in which, in case the keeper misses it, the ball will not roll in your own goal net !!!!

So, pass to the side of the goal or, if you're already to one side, pass it at the penalty spot so, the keeper can really easily switch the ball to the other side of the field.

5) Don't be..............OBVIOUS !!!!!

If you arrive to a position which is at the correct distance to shoot or cross, and an opponent is in front of you, don't shoot or cross hoping that the ball, by magic, can go physically "trough" the leg or foot of your opponent, because it's physically..................IMPOSSIBLE !!!!! So, please don't be obvious and instead fake the shot or the cross, go to the other side and then, without any opposition, shoot or cross !!!

6) Don't keep carrying the ball across the field.

If instead of sending a letter to Europe it would be faster to bring it by swimming there, people would swim there !!! But because it's not, of course, people use the mail service.

For the same reason, to "send " a ball to a team mate, is faster than carrying it there so, stop carrying the ball there (risking to lose it) instead of sending it !!!

7) If there are no openings, don't try to go forward.

In this situation, when you enter a dead end on the field..........

.............pass back !!!!!! I repeat.........PASS BACK !!!!

It's a dead end so, what do you want to do? Physically go through a wall ???? There is no way so, you'll collide with a few opponents and, consequently, give the ball to them. As I said many times....."are you playing for us or for them ????" Because, if you play for them, please wear their jersey and we won't give the ball to you anymore !!!!

Pass back, switch the action to the other side of the field, where there are empty prairies with no opponents !!!!

8) Attacking the ball on 1v1, look at the ball not the opponent.

Good players are not obvious so, while approaching you, they will try to send you to one side (with a fake !!) and go to the other side. In this case, keep looking at the ball, because, while the opponent goes to one side, the ball will still be in the same place and, for a fraction of time, it will be 50/50. Get the right timing and attack the ball strongly.

I wrote, attack the ball strongly, not the feet or the ankles of your opponents !!!

9) When losing the ball attacking, everybody back BEHIND the ball !!!

I've seen this fact thousands of times. The team loses the ball and everybody stays where they are as if, the fact of going to win the ball back, is something that should be done by someone else !!!!

When we loose the ball, there aren't anymore defenders, mid fielders or forwards. There are only defenders that should hunt for the ball so, everybody immediately sprint back BEHIND the ball (this means between the ball and OUR goal !!) while the ones closer to the ball, immediately attack the opponent who have it.

10) During the games, don't listen to parents suggestions !!!!!

Your coaches, during practices, simulate many situations that could happen during the games so, what you should do during the games is just do what you did at practices and what your coaches refreshed just before the games.

I know that Parents can't refrain themselves from constantly giving you instructions, that 90% of the time IS NOT what your coach asked you to do so, please don't listen to them and, after the game (preferably before !!!) ask them to stop doing that, because this fact, only confuses you.

If you force yourself to do these 10 things, you and your team will perform ENORMOUSLY better.

Posted on 08 Jan 2017 by coachgianni
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