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Why did England, Italy and Spain fail so badly at the World Cup ???
I'm not looking for excuses, I would just like (honestly) to look for FACTS !!!

Before any other considerations I would like to talk about the location of the World Cup and when it should be played.

All the European Leagues have seasons that end early, before summer. If the seasons end before summer there is a simple reason: there is no way to play soccer with very high temperature !!! So, why is the World Cup played during the summer in countries with extreme weather, super hot and humid and we already know that European players will struggle ????

It's different for players from Central and South America or Africa who are BORN in this kind of environment so, for them, this is normal !!!

Not all of them, but many European players, simply................collapsed !!!

It will be different the next time in Russia in 2018 but, it will be bad the following time in the desert of Qatar in 2022 supposing that they will keep it after the corruption that gave them the World Cup.

As I said, it seems to me that, if the League Seasons stop for the summer, MAYBE, there is a reason so, why don't we stop the seasons during winter for 1 month and play the World Cup in the winter in countries in which the summer weather is............HORRIBLE ????

This is a fact and, I hope, no one can argue with this.

Of course, this is not the main reason why England, Italy and Spain went home at the beginning.


I love and I follow the Premier League much more than Italian Serie A. Great games, great players, great excitement !!!

But, who plays on Chelsea, Man City, Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool and so on ?

Many English players ???

Surely.... NOT!!!

The greatest players from Africa, Central/South America and other European nations that we saw at the World Cup are playing on those teams !!! English players hardly find a spot on them. One here, one there, but surely not an entire defensive section like the goalie and the 4 backs. An entire block of mid fielders or 2/3 forwards on the same team.

This is the problem. A National team made as a "collage" of players that play together ONLY in international competitions.

Plus, as we've often seen, England's entire teams play games with ONLY foreign players. How can they develop youth players by doing this ???

This is the real problem. Sure, there are good youth players but they should play enormously more and on the same teams !!!

As we saw for Germany, 7 players from Bayern were often on the field. Playing together everyday, surely means something !!!!


It's clear that Spain's national team is formed by Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid players. They always play together, often against each other and for 8 years Spain was......... UNBEATABLE !!!

Their playing tactic is based on 2 cardinal points: an incredible possession of the ball, the famous tiky-taka and, when the ball is lost, they immediately take it back with an asphyxiating pressing !!!! I love the definition of Barca's roster: a track & field team that !!!! So, the tiky-taka is still there but the pressing is.......................GONE !!! It's an entire generation of great champions that, simply, got old !!! It's time to rebuilt a new team, not necessarily with a new coaching staff, and they will dominate again.

As simple as that !!!


In Italy, only 8 players in 100 play for the teams that formed them !!!! This is absurd and Italy is at the last place in Europe in this topic !!! Also, while in Germany every club invests 4 million a year in the youth academies, Italy spends a little more than half.

This has to change and teams should invest at least 10% of their business and not just 3% as it is now for teams like Juventus, Inter Milan and A.C. Milan.

But, apart from the same problem that England has, too many foreign players, there is something else.

If you saw Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Netherlands and Colombia, they're able to create 10/15 chances to score each game. Italy almost never shot on goal !!!!

We always had great goalies, great defenders, great midfielders but almost never great forwards !!!! We occasionally had 1 at each World Cup, the various Paolo Rossi or Schillaci, but never 3 or 4 like the top nations !!!

And, I'm not talking about phenomenon like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

If you saw the goal of Shaqiri in the game of Switzerland against Honduras, you understand what I'm talking about. A rocket from 30 yards away and the goalie didn't even move !!!! And, what about the Colombian James Rodriguez, 22 years old ???? The goal against Uruguay, chest control, turn and incredible left volley, is one of the greatest goals ever !!!!

Forwards like these are something that Italy doesn't have !!!!

Fitness is another problem. After having see Nigeria-Argentina, it was unequivocally clear !!!!

4 Nigerian players surrounded Messi who was coming forward very hard and in 2 won the ball back. Then, a wave of green jerseys counterattacked crossing the field in an unstoppable way and scored an incredibly great goal !!!!!

Italian players are very talented in controlling the ball but, as I said above, there is a big problem Basically, they don't run !!!!

Some because they're lazy, some because they don't care and some because they're just....................Balotelli which is the compendium of both. He's lazy and doesn't care !!!!

They sing the national anthem by saying that when "Italy calls they're ready to die" but then you'll see people like Balotelli walk around on the field as if strolling on a Brazilian beach !!!! And when people criticize him, he immediately will say that people are racist. Until he understands that the booing has nothing to do with the color of his skin, nothing will change.

Will he understand ??? I don't really think so. If players like Pirlo, DeRossi and Buffon with their great examples weren't able to inspire these "fake champions" I don't see any reason to bring them to the World Cup.

I remember what Mario Yepes said to his teammates in the locker room before the game against Uruguay that they won 2-0:

"Today we have to honor all the People who came here and the ones at home, our Families and our Country !!! And, in particular, honor ourselves !!!! My Brothers !!! ONE -TWO -THREE- COLOMBIA -COLOMBIA - COLOMBIA !!!"

I didn't see this kind of attitude from the Italian players.

I saw this in players like Carlos Bacca of Colombia who, not too long ago, was selling fish in the streets to make a living !!! I'm sure that his motivations are much stronger than these Italian "champions" (champions ???) who drive their Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Aston Martin !!!!

We need players who stop caring about their crest hair style (blond or what ever color !!!), their sports cars, their diamonds in their ears, their tattoos and, FINALLY, fight for their country and give everything in front of the entire world !!!

There are millions of Italians spread out all over the world and, I think, they (we) deserve something more than these spoiled adult kids !!!

After one hour from the defeat with Uruguay, Coach Cesare Prandelli resigned and Gianfranco Abete the president of Italian Soccer Federation did the same (please notice that he was the President for 7 World Cups and he also won 1 and went very close to another 2 !!!)

Congratulations for their honesty: I was in charge, I failed, I resign !!!

Time to rebuild starting with new people ON and OFF of the field.

Will they ??

I sincerely think.............NOT !!!

And, of course, England, Italy and Spain, have another common problem: the absence in their rosters of "monsters" like Lionel Messi. He is the only player after Diego Maradona, who can win a game by himself !!!!

This simple fact, of winning a game by himself by scoring incredible goals without the support of the team, surely helps a lot when you have the various Balotelli that just walk around on the field !!!

Posted on 25 Jul 2014 by coachgianni
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