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Happy Holidays ??
Dear Readers,

How can I write to you "Happy Holidays" just a few days after what happened in Connecticut ????
I prepared what I wanted to send to you a long time ago but, of course, I have to change that.

I already know that many of you will not like what I'm about to write in these days that should be joyful but, knowing me, you also know that I can't write differently.

If there is a moment in the year in which we are a little more human, a little more extrovert, a little more focused in what we should do to have a little better way to live together, this moment is during the Holidays.

So, I read and heard in the media how we all grieve. That is great but we also have to come together to put a real stop to this madness that afflicts American Society.

Since election day I've been reading what we should do about the "Fiscal Cliff" that we'll face at the end of the year and probably our Leaders will find a solution to but, there is another "cliff" that our Society is facing and that "cliff" is a Human Kind Cliff, which we all face and, if we don't find a solution, our Society will jump off of that cliff without any hope to survive !!!!

Why did this foretold tragedy happen ??? I wrote foretold because there were all the "ingredients" possible to end up in a tragedy of this proportion.

- a kid clearly and unequivocally mentally unbalanced !!!!

- a mom who, at home, had 2 powerful handguns, 2 traditional hunting rifles and 1 semiautomatic rifle that is similar to weapons used by troops in Afghanistan.

- a kid that, knowing how mentally unstable he was, was put in a free home environment in which he could pick up 2 of these guns and a rifle in his home, like they were tools such as hammers or screwdrivers !!!!

- a kid that at school was clearly an outcast and all the other kids were making fun of his "weirdness" !!!!

- a mom who was enjoying using guns and rifles to the point of going with her sons to shooting ranges !!!!

How could this foretold "massacre" not happen ????

Guns in houses are deadly and totally USELESS for our self defense 99% of the time !!!! In case of danger or threat, what use could a gun be, hidden on top of a closet shelf, with the bullets hidden in another place ???? Are you telling me that under threat, you'd run to the closet, take the gun, go to the other place to take the bullets, and face the threat ??? You and your family would be killed 100 times before you'd be able to face the threat with a loaded gun !!!!

So, what good is it to have a gun in the house ???? A gun that your kids know exactly where it is and, in a moment of foolishness, could be taken by them to do exactly what just happened.

Please, please, please, get rid of your guns before it's too late and, one more time, all of us will mourn for another "foretold" tragedy !!!!

The saddest part of what happened, is what the gun makers immediately suggested: : "Have all the teachers have a gun in the class !!!!" That would be very "smart" and, also, very profitable for them. A few million of guns instantaneously sold using this endless sequences of "massacres " as a good marketing tool !!!!

Could we find a more CRAZY solution ???? I don't think so and, if by chance this did happen (the arming of the teachers) we'd soon read that a teacher, a "little unbalanced", shot the whole class room because he/she ran out of patience !!!!!

These people who propose these kinds of solutions are really out of their minds. They keep repeating that "guns don't kill people, people kill people !!!" Yes, this is true but it's also true that GUNS HELP A LOT IN DOING THAT !!! I would really like to see how you can kill 30 people in a few seconds without automatic weapons !!!!!

And, as a confirmation that I'm correct, the same day of the Connecticut shooting, in Beijing (China) a guy wielding a knife wounded 22 children and one adult outside a primary school as students were arriving for classes but, fortunately, no one died !!!!! So, of course there will always be someone who goes out of his mind but, at least, let's not give them automatic weapons that should be used only at a very high military level !!!!

Going back to the kid who perpetrated the shooting, it doesn't take Sigmund Freud to understand what the motivation was. In my opinion, it was a desperate request for love from the mother. You don't love me because you give your love to the kids at school so, I will shoot you in the face and after I will go to the school and kill all the kids that you love instead of me !!!!

In his sick mind this was the "perfect" thing to do and, after, just kill himself to "punish" all the classmates who were making fun of him !!!

Our Leaders, after every massacre, and this year we already had 3 of catastrophic proportions, keep repeating that they will put an end to this "cancer" in our Society but, after each of them, nothing happens and we soon find ourselves to be the passive spectators of the new "tragedy".

It will be in a movie theater, at a supermarket, in a sport stadium, at a rock concert, in an airport or a school and, one more time, we'll see parents crying and asking how this madness could have happened in an, APPARENTLY, civilized society !!!!!

We have to force ourselves to think, and I do this every second, that this could happen to us, that means to me, to you, to your wife, your husband, your son or daughter, your mom or your dad or friends !!!!

One day, it could be that we won't read what happened in the news papers or see it on TV, but instead we'll be told by a policemen that something happened to the people that we love !!!! Try to understand that is not something that could happen ONLY to someone else.

On rotation.........we........are...........someone................else !!!!!!

I would like to add another aspect of what happened and why. We live in a society in which VIOLENCE is worshipped !!!!! The movies and books that many of us love are based on unthinkable violence !!!!

The video games that our kids use and enjoy, and many millions of adults, are not based on going from point A to point B in a better way, are not labyrinths in which we have to find how to get out in the smartest way. The top video games are based on KILL or be KILLED !!!! I repeat.........KILL or be KILLED !!!!! And this is done with the most powerful weapons possible in the most cruel way possible !!!!!!

And the more you kill, the better you are !!! You're the best...ASSASSIN !!!!! There also are international competitions in which the best kids "Killers" compete and there is an audience of tens of thousands of kids that will cheer for the best......ASSASSIN !!!!

To fill the minds of our kids with killing, could clearly lead to the massacre in Connecticut. A recent serious study, conducted among a group of students who were asked to play deadly video games, and a group that didn't, clearly shows that the first group was unequivocally more aggressive !!! And if mentally unbalanced kids spend hours every day "killing" virtual people, soon they can't distinguish between "fiction" and "reality" anymore so it could happen that they will go to the closet, where ALL OF YOU who have a gun at home hide the gun on the top shelf (!!!), get it and go to school to teach a lesson to that professor or to that group of kids that were making fun of them !!!

I reread the above and I understand that Iím just expressing my emotions but I deeply hope that during these Holidays you'll find a moment to talk about this topic with your family, and maybe, we'll stop pretending that this tragedy didn't happen and, if even we realize that it happened, we'll stop pretending that surely it will not happen to us !!!!

We all, please stop pretending that we're living in a world apart in which these tragedies happen only on TV or on the front pages of newspapers !!!

Of course we can hope that our Leaders will find a solution but, in the end, it's only about us so, let's get rid of the guns once and for all !!!! This way it would be much easier to identify the bad guys because the simple possession of a gun, I hope in a not far away future, could be considered a crime by itself !!!

I will close this section by proposing something that could make history !!!!

Do you remember the movie "Amazing Grace and Chuck "

( in which a kid refused to play baseball anymore and started a World Movement that forced the Nations to give up on nuclear weapons ?

If you didn't see it, I strongly recommend to see it with your kids.

The protagonist, Chuck, not only decided not to play baseball anymore, but also when the world wasn't "listening" he decided not to talk anymore until the entire world was forced to "listen" to his......silence !!!! He not only stopped the Little League but top professional players did the same !!!

If your kids see it, to properly honor these 20 kids 6 and 7 years old..........

Charlotte Bacon 6, Daniel Barden 7, Olivia Engel 6, Josephine Gay 7, Ana Marquez-Greene 6, Dylan Hockley 6, Madeleine Hsu 6, Catherine Hubbard 6, Chase Kowalski 7, Jesse Lewis 6, James Mattioli 6, Grace McDonnell 7, Emilie Parker 6, Jack Pinto 6, Noah Pozner 6, Caroline Previdi 6, Avielle Richman 6, Jessica Rekos 6, Benjamin Wheeler 6, Allison N. Wyatt, 6.......

.....they should refuse to play soccer until our Leaders find a solution to this madness !!!!

In this country alone there are more than 12 million kids who play soccer and if they will do something so courageous as to not play soccer anymore, but also not to talk anymore, it will be contagious and it will spread to the whole world and I'm sure that top professional soccer/football players could decide to ......."listen" to the "silence" of millions of kids and stop playing too !!!

I don't have any doubts that this will happen !!!!!

They, our kids, have the solution and they for sure could and will win this battle for all of us !!!!

Posted on 14 Feb 2013 by coachgianni
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