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Your comments were great and I would like to publish them. Of course, I will respect you privacy by taking your names away !!!! Thanks very much for your appreciation,



you're article about what is means to have a real friend is awesome and so true. thanks for sharing. happy holidays!

Awesome! I am sending this to my girls who have many "cyber friends (acquaintances)" but thank god 4-5 real friends. This is a great refresher! Happy Thanksgiving!

Coach Gianni,

It's been a few years since we've spoken. Your latest article moved me to reach out to you. I was thrilled that you wrote the article about "real friends".

As an adult I am amazed at how many people refer to someone as a friend without having a true relationship. Friendships are sadly becoming a lost art in our technology driven society. I will be going down south to ................. in a few weeks to visit with my real friends. It's awesome the excitemnt i feel of seeing them and spending time together talking, laughing, sharing drinks, and of course watching their kids play soccer, the sport that sparked our friendship/ kinship 26 years ago!

I look forward to meeting with you again soon. My son is getting to the age were I feel he may be able to benefit from your coaching. Who knows we may even develop a true friendship as a result.

An old acquaintance,

You have brought me to tears. I appreciate your thoughts more than you can imagine.THANK YOU.


"Bulls Eye", Gianni - It's about time someone said exactly what you said in your article. I'm glad it was you.

Yesterday's newsletter was one of my favorites! This one ranks high with the Chicago transit authority widening the seats in answer to widening Americans. A friend emailed me today with newsletter attached and asked me to have breakfast with him this week :-).

You're the best!

Coach, first off, a great email, as usual. Your ability to create “content” is amazing. I particularly enjoyed your “friend” discourse…as a non-participant in Facebook and Twitter, I am somewhat bewildered by some people’s preoccupation with them. For some reason, I don’t feel a big part of my life is empty because I’m not posting entries about my haircuts or grocery shopping to my “friends” on a daily basis!

And I concur with your definition of real friends and the number one might really have. I could count mine on one hand and have some fingers left over!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

A wee while ago, I was in line at Starr Bucks, everyone in line was looking into their left hand. The girl in front of me was beautiful, I tapped here on the shoulder and said, "I used to have one of those but I'm alright now." she laughed, "I know" she said, "I'm hooked I can't put it down".

I really appreciate your last newsletter about fake friends and the Mexican Youth team. I agree that acquaintances are not necessarily friends and that cybercultura is cultivating a false worldview.
It is truly sad how strong capitalism has become and it has managed to commodify even the most sacred relationships.

I also agree that too much emphasis (I'm talking about Mexicana article) on fitness can polarize players from fully integrating into a well rounded player. We are unnecessarily fanatics in the US about fitness. We treat people like machines. This ignores the full human potential of mind and spirit. To me a good athlete is a spiritual warrior. Not in a violent sense, rather a person who knows the art of human bravery and has the courage to conquer their own limitations. From this perspective skill, intellect, instinct, and the ability to tape into the universal energy field are just as important to cultivate, if not more, than fitness alone.

My friend Gianni,

Sorry Delete...


How I wish we were / are TRUE Friends but we have not spent enough time together as
Kids and Fathers...!

However, we came to USA the same Year - we are the same Age and WE

Although, your words are tougher than I use I totally agree, I try to treat everyone as a
New Friend to see how they respond with Giving their Time - Professionalism and Integrity.

Much Love
Posted on 20 Nov 2012 by coachgianni
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