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The “fake” friends generations.
Even if there are not very young kids who receive my news letter, I’ll pretend to talk referring to them so, if you parents think that it could be good for them to read this, that is up to you.

I’m 64 years old but, in my heart, I’m still a kid. That’s why I still love so much the “beautiful game” which, by the way, in a very reductive way, we call it......................... soccer/football.

I remember, when I was a kid for real, not just in my heart, that I had very few real friends.

I was living in an area of Milan in which cars weren’t yet packed up to the second floor of the surrounding homes !!! There was still space, even with grass, to play spontaneously whatever we liked, not necessarily soccer/football.

Seven years ago (Wow, time flies !!!!!) I wrote and sent out “We played soccer in the street“, but now, I’m not referring to that concept of “playing in the street”. I’m talking about the magic word........friend !!!

Who was a friend?

Friends were kids who were living close to my home. Also, I would like to point out the difference between who is the “best friend” and, instead, a friend !!!

The “best friend” is just.......................ONE (!!!) and, it will be like that for the rest of the life. Anyway, real friends are just 3 or 4 and, they too , will accompany me for the rest of my life, of course in my heart because now they’re so far away in space. (surely not in time !!!)

Obviously, after I came here 14 years ago, I made friends here too. Not 3 thousand, 3 hundred or 30. They’re just 3 !!!

They are three (3 !!!) in 14 years !!!

In 14 years, I meet thousands of people (!!!), but they are not friends. They’re acquaintances. Many of them are very interesting people. Maybe in the future 1 or 2 of these thousands will become friends too so, if that will happen, I will have 2 more friends apart from the 3 that I already have.

I think it’s time to say why I’m writing this.

I have the sensation that the word..........friend, is really abused in this country and in particular by the last generations.

I often hear someone say ” my friends at school”, my friends in “face book”, my friends “etc. etc“.

These are not.............friends. Maybe just 1 in your class or your school could become your.....friend, but surely not all the kids in your class, the ones that you call....friends, are your...... Friends !!! These are people that, by chance, are going to your same school !!! And, in “face book” , are just people who like the same songs or the same movies or the same teams that you like but, this banal and accidental fact, doesn’t make them your............ friends !!!!

They’re......nothing !!! Less than nothing !!!! And, probably, are even not the people that you think they are and maybe they attract or catch your attention for some...........not good reasons !!!!

As I was saying to you kids, a friend is a kid that lives to the side of your home. A kid that begins to put his nose out of the house and, like a cat, begins to explore the surroundings in small circles, that get bigger when the courage to make them bigger comes.

A friend is made because we are on the same “lost boat” and the fact that we’re together on that “unknown ocean“, gives us the courage to stick together and try...............anything!!!!! We’ll hardly make it by ourselves and this simple fact will bind us together............forever !!!!!

That is a friend.

Someone that maybe plays soccer enormously better than us but still spends time passing the ball back and fourth with us.

Someone that doesn’t really like that song that we just “composed“, but will play along with us, accompanying us with his guitar.

Someone that, while playing a video game, after having won a few consecutive times, lets, but in a way that doesn’t make us think that he did that.................on purpose.

Someone that, when he understands that we like a girl, and that girl likes him, he would do anything to avoid her !!!!

Someone that, when we’re down, will cheer us up.

Someone that would prefer spending vacation time with us in the city, instead of going to some fancy places across the world !!!

Someone that.............whatever !!!!

All the others that you still erroneously call...................friends, supposing that they are close to you and not “somewhere” in cyberspace (!!!!) , if they play soccer better than you, they will not miss an opportunity to embarrass you in front of other “fake” friends !!!

Someone that will emphasize how stupid that song was that you just composed, or beat you at video games........forever, someone that will steal your girl friend, someone that when you’re down will push you down some more, someone that will go to the most fancy places in the world and when he/she will comes back, will never finish repeating to you how much fun he/she had there.

Also, if you live in a beautiful home and you invite girls to parties, you’ll see how many new friends (!!!) you’ll find that would like to come but, try to invite the same “friends” to go out and collect items for the homeless and you’ll see how many of these kind of “friends” will come !!!

So, in conclusion, stop calling “friends” people in “face book”, (people that you never saw and never will !!!) that are at the other side of the world and, like you, prefer to establish these kind of fake relationships instead of a real interpersonal relationship with the people that live close to them !!!

Go out, leave the computer that connects you with a “FAKE WORLD !!!”, and use your cell phone as an instrument of................communication, not of.....conversation !!!! This way, in just a few seconds, you’ll communicate with your real friends by saying where you’ll meet and then, there, talk for hours, in person !!!!

And also, stop texting about nonsense. How many times do we see kids sitting together but texting with someone else that is not there ???? What’s the meaning of coming together if everyone talks (talks by texting ???) with someone else that is not there ?????

Come together and talk in person with the few people that you really like. By doing that, you’ll eliminate all the “fake friends” and establish strong bonds with the few ones that will stay at your side during the long path that will lead you, and them, to succeed in life !!!

your, not friend,

Posted on 20 Nov 2012 by coachgianni
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