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A few of your comments about the SF Schools.......

I enjoy your passion for life and support your thoughts completely. We have allowed government to grow too big, we have allowed out tax dollars to be misappropriated on all levels (Federal, State, & Local).. What happens when we as a family run out of money??? We cut back on luxury not necessity, we do not borrow more, we do not have the ability to tax someone more.. we stay within our means (not everyone, many of those Bentley’s are owned by the bank)…

We should support services that educate our kids, protect our community, and provide for the elderly who cannot take care of themselves.

Thank you for your emails and comments…


Coach Gianni,

I just read your piece regarding the SF public school system. Since we have just been through the Kindergarten process for ............, your email is very timely.

There is a lot wrong with the public school system here. And it is all compounded by the fact that the SFUSD board is failing the city. They were trying to get more racial mixture in the schools and their efforts have resulted in LESS diversity and a mass exodus of families once their children reach school age.

They would like people to cart their kids to schools all the way across the city, giving them a commute time of more than 30 minutes each way, when they have a desirable school right down the street that they could walk to.

I agree that more money is needed. The problem is how is that "donation" handled. Because if I had millions to spare, I wouldn't trust the school board to do the smart or right thing with it. The city is too caught up with being liberal and PC about everything and it's backfiring.

Ultimately, it really is sad that such a great city can have such a horrible education system. I don't know the answer to fixing it. But, you are right, it is going to take a lot of money. And it's also going to take a major overhaul of the current SFUSD board and their objectives.


My Dear Coach,

I'm afraid the answer lays in the fact that those who do have a lot of money - and, thus, a lot of interests - have a lot to gain from keeping people ignorant. It's not like money is not there to be used for schools, the issues is that those who control schools do not want to improve them. Without spending a lot of time talking about possible motives - there could be many - we have to recognize the following self evident reality: what's killing schools is not the lack of funds... it's the LACK OF WILL.

Posted on 06 Apr 2012 by coachgianni
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