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How could this happen in a great city like San Francisco ???

In this monthís news letter I would like to point out a fact that seems impossible for it to happen in a great city like San Francisco. At least in my opinion.

We live in one of the richest countries in the world, if not the richest !!!!

Do you have the vaguest idea about how many people, in this country, make more than a million $$$$ a year ??? Youíll never guess so, theyíre more than 3 million !!!! This means 1 American in 100 !!!!!

And California, even if at a state level it has some budget problems, has cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco that generate millions of billions of private wealth !!!

Coming to the Bay Area, which has itís heart in San Francisco, this area is connected with Silicon Valley, in which hundreds of companies like Yahoo and Google pile up billions of $$$$$ every year !!!

Teams like the Warriors in basketball, or the 49ers in American football, or the Giants of baseball, have dozens of players in their rosters who get paid millions a year and their stadiums are constantly filled up !!!

If you drive around in the district of Sea Cliff, or Pacific Heights, or Cow Hollow or in general the whole area from the Marina almost to the Golden Gate Park, without mentioning the whole area in the hills surrounding the Business Districts, youíll see thousand of homes that are worth millions of $$$$ each in which normally live millionaires if not billionaires!!!!

And their kids go to dozens of private schools, paying outrageous monthly fees !!!

Outside the various private schools, at ending time, the lines of mega SUVĎs, top Mercedes or Bentleys or whichever mega expensive and consuming car, are going all around the blocks !!!

Please, donít misunderstand. All of the companies, organizations and people that I mentioned above, work hard for what they have, they pay the taxes and deserve their wealth to the last cent !!!

Good for them, congratulations and continue to do that !!!!

So, why am I pointing this out ?

Iím doing it because in this golden context, something apparently incomprehensible is happening and it should be unacceptable in a civilized city. So, the facts are:

A) he public schools of San Francisco donít have enough money to stay open 5 days a week and the students have to skip days or have a reduction in hours !!!

B) Also, parents have to donate money to have sports programs or art classes !!!

C) Also, parents pay for hiring teachers for some particular subjects !!!

California, in public education, was the 3rd State in the US, now itís the 47th !!!!

How could this happen ?

How is it possible that for everybody, who believes they are living in a civilized context, this seems normal ??

Why is everyone not outraged by this fact and why donít they ask to immediately go back to..............CIVILIZATION ????

Why donít the top companies understand that if they donít help to fix the school system, one day these kids, apart from maybe buying their computers, telephones, tablets and services, will not be the new geniusí who will work in their companies ????

Why donít the sports franchising, who should be the extension of the territory that they represent, understand that by helping to fix the school system, one day these kids will be the spectators who could buy expensive tickets ???

Why donít the top wealthy families understand that by helping to fix the school system, their kids will live in a better city and consequently in a better society ????

How is it possible that the all parties that I pointed out above, billionaires companies, billionaires sports franchising, billionaires families, donít understand the gravity of this problem and begin to donate money that they donĎt need, because they already have all the money in the world ????

For all of them, a few millions less in the middle of the billions, would not make any difference !!!! But for the rest of the people, it is vital !!!!

The civilization of a society can be measured by the way it takes care of the two categories that at this moment, canít give something back but only takes !!! These two categories are old people and children !!!!

I donít want to touch the topic of old people because it would be a nightmare just to start, but at least letís correctly take care of the future generations to whom should be given all the tools they need to succeed in life and be the Future American Citizens !!!!

Iím no one and thanks to my soccer expertise, I can pay my bills by giving soccer lessons and I rarely say what I do for others, but Iíll make an exception:

1) for the last 10 years, through Children International, I sustained 7 kids in countries less fortunate than ours. It costs me $126 a month. That means more than $1500 a year. For 10 years itís more than 15 thousand $$$$ !!! And I canít even take that away from my taxes because itís not enough !!!

2) I sustain the Red Cross monthly.

3) I sustain St. Jude Children's Research Hospital monthly.

4) I send money to Wikipedia

5) I donate time to soccer students from low income families.

I donít feel special in doing this, because I think that it should be normal to all of us to do this, and it would be great if all of us would do this but, independently of this, what I said above about the billionaires context (companies and families !!) , it should be mandatory for them to fix the school system of San Francisco, if not the one of this country !!!

And, not to be misunderstood, I mean not mandatory by laws, but mandatory from their hearts and souls !!!

I constantly hear talk about the ďAmerican dreamĒ but too many have only the ďAmerican NightmareĒ . But, at least, for the ones that leave in the dream world for real, I think itís time to give up just one of their dreams !!!

They would still have plenty of them and would not even notice after having given away just one, to someone that canít dream at all !!!

Talking about dreamers, as an example even if not all of them are connected with San Francisco but just to reinforce what is written above, there are 4 billionaires ( O.K. maybe one of them is just a millionaire !!!) who like to play with their money and toys !!!

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, will spend a fortune to recuperate the engine of the Saturn V (Apollo 11 mission ) from the bottom of the ocean !!!!!

The movie director James Cameron invested another fortune to go to the bottom of the Marianas Trench (something that was already done decades ago !!!!)

Because he doesn't wan to be second, Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, will do the same soon at the Puerto Rico Trench !!!

Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, in the last dozen years liked to play with his boat at the America's Cup, investing hundreds of millions of $$$$$ !!!!!

The meaning of these 4 mega expensive performances ??? Better I don't say what it is !!! But, please keep playing with your toys above or at the bottom of the oceans (which you have all the rights to do !!!) but, what about spending a fraction of that catastrophic amount of money to do something that is IMMENSELY more important like fixing the Schools System ????


Posted on 06 Apr 2012 by coachgianni
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