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Soccer teams disappear but soccer clubs last forever !!!!!

In the past years I’ve often underlined what a REAL soccer club is.

-What a soccer club is in the rest of the world (part 1)

-What a soccer club is in the rest of the world (2d and last part).

-Here and There. Two different ways to create a Youth Soccer Club.

When I published these articles, my goal was to stimulate the creation of these kinds of structures instead of seeing youth teams (???) constantly being born and dying in a few years leaving nothing behind them! I really hope that someone got the message and started something that will not disappear when the players (players ???) spread out onto other teams (teams ???).

Anyway, one more time, I would like to propose this topic.

Of course, I’m referring to other people like me that have contracted the same..........illness. For the others that are “healthy” I just want to clarify that Soccer/Football is a serious illness almost without a cure because it’s more than that. It’s an addiction that can be cured only with the following ‘medicines’:

walking on a soccer field minimum 2 hours a day.

when crossing that white chalk line feeling the same emotion as when we were 6 years old even though now we are over 60!

hearing the sound of a soccer ball perfectly kicked.

feeling the smell of grass just cut.

taking away the mud that is stuck between the cleats.

hearing the voices of youth players that say “hi” to the coach when they arrive at the field and say “thanks coach, see you at the game” when they leave the practice field.

watching teams that move as soccer/football machines, perfectly applying in the reality of games what was simulated HUNDREDS OF TIMES at practices.

helping youth soccer players to develop their unique gifts that mother nature put there and NO coach in the world can put there if it’s not there from the beginning!

hearing enthusiastic parents who are cheering for the team, as a unit, and NOT just to their sons or daughters individually, by yelling “Good try honey“ , “Try again honey” when the ball just passed through their legs like they where marble statues in the middle of the field!

Naturally, there are other specific remedies but this simple block of ’first aid kit’ could permit a soccer ’addicted’ dreamer to try to survive.

So, in case you have the “insane” thought of creating a REAL soccer club, can you do this by yourself?

Of course NOT! No one can do it by himself!

To exist, a Club needs a group of people, more precisely, a group of dreamers, bound together by the same passion, motivation, aspiration, desire, dedication, determination and discipline. Have you noticed that the last four are gianni‘s: The four “D’s” of success in soccer and in life, too! ?

So, a group of people (dreamers) would come together and occupy these positions in the Club, that would be a non-profit organization:

President (who would also cover 1 of the positions below)

Vice-president (possibly 2, who would cover a few of the positions below)

General Manager


Head Coach

Assistant Coach (possibly 2)

Fund raising

Contacts with Leagues, Media and public relations

Transportation and soccer gear

These are 8 people. And with another 12 people (insane soccer lovers like the other 8!!!) there would be 20 founders of the Club. Of these 20, it might even happen that their sons or daughters are part of the team/s but they would be there INDEPENDENTLY of that !!!

And because everything that is founded correctly is done with TIME and MONEY, these 20 people would donate time and tax themselves with $100 a month! So, $2000 a month equals $24,000 a year. Enough to buy soccer balls, uniforms, soccer shoes, rent fields, pay league fees, referees fees, tournament fees, travel fees, and so on.

The creation of the first team of the club.

I simplified the topics that I pointed out in the 4 articles above (links) just to give you a general idea, but please read them to have a correct idea.

It would be formed by boys (girls would follow the second year) between 10 and 12 years old. They would play TOGETHER on the same team in a League U13. Yes, they would make the team thanks to their soccer skills, NOT for their ages! Please remember that a REAL soccer player 10 years old plays much better than any 12 year old that just plays soccer !

To make the team, many try-outs would be held, REAL ones, among hundreds of kids !!! Yes, you read correctly: hundreds of kids not just the usual group of 13/15 that, just because they go to the same school or just because a group of parents decided that this group of kids will be a team, then automatically, they will be a team !!! This is not a team. This is just a group of kids !!! If they would like to play soccer, which is great and they deserve to have all the fun in the world (!!!!) just go to a beach or a park and......................... play soccer for hours !!!!

50 players would be chosen and, after a tougher selection, 22 would form the final roster. (3 would be keepers).

The families of the players chosen, WOULD NOT PAY 1 CENT to insure that their youth REAL soccer/football players would play soccer/football!

the players chosen would play ONLY on this team (part of the Club). They would be allowed to play a couple of months at school (and practice 1 day a week with the school team) ONLY WHEN the games don’t conflict with club games!

The team formed would practice 2 times a week (possibly Tuesday and Thursday) all year round. And practice, doesn’t mean coming together and playing a scrimmage pretending to call that........practice !!! They would practice for real, developing for real their fundamental soccer/football skills !!!!

The team would not play more than 50 games a year. The calendar of tournaments would be accurately chosen so as not to pass this quota!

The following year, this team would move to the U14 level and 2 new teams (1 boy’s - 1 girl’s) U13 would be created with the same mechanism.

If there is a need for more money, the 20 founders would tax themselves $150 plus the money of the 2 new head coaches and the 2/4 assistants that would be chosen (if they are not yet in the group of the 20).

The club would be there......... forever, thanks to the soccer lovers that sustain it, INDEPENDENTLY (and totally disconnected) of the fact that their sons or daughters play or not for the club!

The activity would continue like this in the following years, adding teams and coaches. When, after 6 years and having created 6 teams of boys and 5 teams of girls, the players of the first team would reach the age of 18 and it would be time for them to go to college (probably 50/60% of them with a top scholarship from Colleges !!!!!) or............ maybe 1 of them would have a try-out with a top team in Europe and have a credible chance to play professionally! (If he/she moves there, of course, he/she would continue to study there with the money of the professional club!!!)

When this happens (and it will happen after having chosen among hundreds of youth REAL soccer players every year !!!) and just 1 (ONE !!!) of the players signs a top professional contract, there would be plenty of money for the club that formed him/her and, at that point, all the founders of the Club would stop putting money into the club (supposing that, in the meantime, there are not sponsors yet so they get paid anyway) and finally would start to get paid as good professionals should be, coaching or managing the Club!

It just takes a ‘little’ time, a ’little’ faith, a ’little’ money and a lot of insanity! Just like any REAL dreamer has.

Do you have these 4 things? I hope so and, when you have created the above and maybe would like to involve me, please contact me. I promise that I will be a good.............listener !!!!!

But, before that, first create a real soccer/football club that will last....................FOREVER !!!!


p.s. just for your information, Clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, A.C. Milan and so on, were founded (more than a century ago !!!!) exactly the way I pointed out above. The only difference is that they started with an adult team and after created all the lower age categories.

I’m suggesting to do the opposite: first the youth teams and after, if the older players stay around, create the adult team that would be the apex of the pyramid of the real soccer/football club.

Posted on 15 Oct 2011 by coachgianni
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