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Thinking aloud about soccer/football in the USA.

Iím coming from the other side of the planet where soccer/football at a high level is very popular and, for this reason, people in the USA often ask me if here it could become popular at a high level like there.

Iíll try to answer to this question in my way. This means that Iíll try to give you the elements to find the answer by yourselves.

If someone likes food very much, in the correct measure which means choosing quality and not quantity (!!!!), of course he/she will probably try to learn how to cook.

Learning how to cook, besides many other things, takes two priceless things and they are........................ TIME & DISCIPLINE !!! If you donít have them, you canít learn how to cook in a sophisticated way !!!

So, if like millions of people, you just throw something in the micro-wave for a couple of minutes and............... thatís it, that is absolutely O.K. !!! This is absolutely fine and normal. In general, people eat to survive so, if in doing that they survive why not do it instead of spending 1 or 2 hours in the kitchen ???

If for you the meaning of eating food is to just survive and not enjoy making it, this is totally right and no one can argue about that.

But, can you participate in a cooking contest by throwing food in a micro-wave ???

Of course............... NOT !!!

Changing topics, coming to play an instrument, for example the guitar, if youíd like to learn to play it, you need TIME & DISCIPLINE.

But, like many millions of kids and adults, who care more about the moves that the greatest guitar players do with their bodies and hands, you can use ďthat thingĒ that resembles a guitar with no strings (!!!!) and by moving the hands above the neck of it, that Ďobjectí will emit electronic sounds that could give you the sensation of playing the guitar.

Learning to play the guitar properly takes, minimum, 1 hour a day, every day, basically........................ FOREVER !!!! To learn to pretend to play the guitar with that Ďobjectí, takes a.................... few seconds !!!!

If to pretend to play the guitar is O.K. for you, that itís absolutely great and why not do it ????

But, pretending to play the guitar, doesnít allow you to go on stage and expect that someone could be so obtuse as to buy a ticket to watch you doing that !!!

We eat just to survive? Fine !!!

We pretend to play the guitar? Fine !!!

We pretend to play soccer just by dressing as a soccer player? Fine !!!

But, if weíd like to learn to play it, we have to dedicate TIME and show DISCIPLINE.

Please noticed that I didnít point out the 4Dís of success in Soccer and in Life. I think that Iíve bothered you enough with Desire, Determination, Dedication and Discipline so, I cut down to Time & Discipline.

At any age we can decide to learn to play soccer but, if we do that from the time weíre young, of course itís better.

And the best way to start at a young age and probably have good results, is to do that....................... SPONTANEOUSLY !!!

All the soccer/football players who have succeeded and arrived at the top, started at a young age playing...................... street soccer/football.

And, street, doesnít mean to literally play in the streets !!!! Doing that today is very dangerous. It means to play in any free area which is not a traditional soccer/football field in an organized way !!! So, courts, backyards, dead end alley, or even in the house.

What is important is that youth players play almost every day spontaneously, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and constantly........ shoot on goals !!!!

They donít need coaches, referees, real goals or even real soccer balls. They can play with a little stone, a cork, a tennis ball or what ever and try to control it, trick opponents and kick it in anything that could resemble a...................... GOAL !!!

By playing everyday spontaneously, they will begin to look at the top players when they play on TV, or maybe at the stadiums, and begin to imitate their moves, invent their personal moves and start to do the most important thing that a kid should do, and that thing is to............ DREAM !!!!

Dream that one day............ďIíll play for.........Ē

Which team is not important. Everyone should have his/her favorite team/s and player/s so, they will dream to play on that team/s like that player/s.

With the passing of time, kids will begin to understand that some of them are so-so, some are good, someone else is very good and will go to play on real soccer/football teams.

The so-so will continue to play spontaneously, having all the fun in the world and occasionally will go to the fields to cheer for their friends who have made the teams. Friends who, like every good friend, when they donít have practices or games, will spend some time playing with them in the backyards and have fun.

I know, I know, Iíve already bothered you so, in conclusion......

When you going around, have you ever checked to see if there are kids who play soccer/football spontaneously???

Also, supposing that you know who the top teams in the world are and who the top players are, have you ever asked a kid who his/her favorite team is ?

Have you ever asked a kid who his/her favorite player is?

I did and I have done these 3 things everyday in the last 12 years and I know the answers. 90/95 % of the times, the sad answers are always the same.

So, coming back to the question at the beginning: could it be that also here high level soccer/football could become popular like in the rest of the world ???

If you do the 3 things that I pointed out just above, youíll find the answer to this question by yourself.


p.s. By the way, just to give you 2 more hints, in the rest of the world a kid goes to a birthday party only if itís after his/her soccer/football game !!! Here, a kid doesnít go to his/her soccer/football game in order to go to a birthday party !!!!

In the rest of the world, adults go to weddings or funerals, only if itís after their soccer/ football games (as a player or a spectator!!) unless itís their wedding or funeral !!! And, itís already happened that they go only to the second event, just because (unfortunately) itís.................. mandatory !!!
Posted on 27 Jun 2011 by coachgianni
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