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There is only one sure way not to miss a penalty kick...

......and that way is:


Why make a mistake like that, when someone else can do it? If he/she misses it, they will have the blame, not you!

How many times have I heard: ďwhat ever we donít say, canít be wrong!Ē ? So, letís not say anything at all and it will be perfect.

Also, letís not do anything at all too so, weíll have the certainty not to make mistakes.

By not say anything and not doing anything , weíll be infallible!

But.................. there is a but. If no one talks in order not to say something wrong, no one does a thing not to make a mistake and no one takes the responsibility to say or do anything, how can we exist?

Please remember that the greatest players ever in the history of soccer/football, made catastrophic mistakes at the apex of their soccer/football careers.

Franco Baresi, probably the greatest center back, EVER, missed a penalty kick on the shoot-out at the World Cup Final against Brazil and Italy lost a World Cup for that!

Also, Roberto Baggio, who could be considered one of the best Italian soccer players ever, probably the absolute best, missed a penalty in the same shoot-out, sharing the pain with Baresi.

David Beckham, missed a penalty against Turkey and one versus France that could have had really bad consequences.

John Terry, missed the last penalty in the shoot-out of the Champions League Final, and Chelsea lost the Cup for that!

Andriy Shevchenko, one of the top scorer ever, just recently missed a penalty that made the Ukraine miss the qualification for the 2010 World Cup!

These are 5 unique episodes. These champions had a chance that could happen just one time, or never, in the entire career of a soccer/football player.

And................. they miss it! So, does this mean that they are not great anymore?

Of course not! Theyíre still in the limited group of the greatest players ever. These mistakes showed how courageous they were in those historical games. They put their entire career at stake in that single instant!

When everybody else was looking away, pretending not to be there (like Zidane and Platini have done many times!!!) in order not to kick a penalty and miss it, when their legs where like molded clay from the emotion, when they put their personal interest in front of the need of their Nations and their Clubs, these other 5 players took the responsibility!

How much simpler would it have been to look away and let someone else kick and, maybe, miss it?

Independent of their soccer/football greatness, did you noticed a particular that these 5 champions have in common, besides having missed a fundamental penalty?

I hope that you noticed but, if you didnĎt or you donít know, I will help you.

They were the captains of their teams!

So, when everyone else was lost, they said......ďO.K., Iíll kick it!Ē

They took the responsibility, like they have done dozens of other times and succeeded! Thatís why they were chosen as captains.

A Captain itís someone that you can count on. Someone that will never let us down. Someone that knows that itís very simple to look away and pretend not to be there but did not. Someone that, when everybody else disappears, will say.....

ď O.K. Iíll kick it!Ē

To take responsibility is fundamental even at the price of making catastrophic mistakes. So, if you want to get better, be great, fulfill your dreams and achieve the unthinkable, you have to take risks.

Take risks in any sport. Like Francesca Schiavone took just recently at the Tennis US Open:

Challenge yourselves, get better, find your limit and, through mistakes, work hard to fix them and push your limit forward!

So, as I was saying at the beginning, There is only one sure way not to miss a penalty kick...........and that way is:


Let someone else score it and become a great soccer player who, just episodically, misses it!

If instead you kick it and maybe miss it, of course people will remember that single mistake, but theyíll also remember that when everybody else was pretending not to be there, you came out and said:

ďO.K., Iíll kick it!Ē


Posted on 05 Oct 2010 by coachgianni
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