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Show me a goal, any goal, and Iíll show you...

Show me a goal, any goal, and Iíll show you...

...the mistake that generated it!

Why do I say this?

For a very simple reason. If attacking and scoring goals was easier than defending, all the games would end with scores like 75-48 or 59-53 !!!!!

But because after 90 minutes (which is 1 hour and a half !!!) they usually end 1-0, 1-1, 2-0, 2-1, 2-2 and rarely 3 or 4 goals are scored by a team, itís unquestionably clear that:


If you saw the recent shameful exhibition of Inter Milan against Barcelona at the Camp Nou (not Nou Camp as erroneously I often read!), you understand what Iím talking about. To score against this chronic defending is almost impossible!

Of course, Iím talking about games between REAL soccer/football teams made by REAL soccer/football players, coached by REAL soccer/football coaches.

If instead the game is between a decent U12 team and a group of kids the same age that kick the ball around without any meaning, Ďcoachedí by a dad/mom that never played the game and doesnít have even the most insignificant coaching license, of course it could end 20 or 25 to 0!!!!

Why teams with this difference in skills are made to play each other is a mystery to me. And why they keep scoring goals in this situation after 6-0 is beyond my comprehension, but it seems that parents really believe that their kids are phenomenal instead of seeing that there is no opposition so, even if they score 20 or 30 goals, it doesnít matter because basically there is only 1 team on the field.

Anyway, coming back to my point, in my opinion, there is no way for a team, any team, to score if the opponent team doesnít make a mistake.

But, please permit me to better define the word mistake when I use it in soccer/football.

By mistakes, Iím not defining the following things that, off course, can allow the opposing team to score:

* wrong passes not knowing how to make a pass.
* wrong control by having a horrible first touch.
* kick the ball forward just in the direction of the opposing goal.
* looking 100 % at the ball and 0 % around.
* having a keeper who plays on goal just because there is no way to have him/her play on the field.
* let the ball bounce forever instead of putting it on the ground by controlling it.

I can continue forever with this list, but I think that you have understood that Iím not referring to these kinds of Ďmistakesí!

The above list is not of ĎmistakesĎ. Itís just Ďhorrorí applied to soccer/football !!!

So, Iím referring to different episodes that could be properly defined mistakes and I will define them in a little while after this paragraph.

If all the players on a team...

* position themselves properly on the field
* keep the correct shape as a team
* move back and fourth together as a perfect machine
* constantly pressurize the opponents in order to win the ball back
* never EVER give away the ball looking for solution that doesnít exist
* keep possession and often do lateral or, better, BACK passes instead of continuing to try to go forward even if there are no openings
* pass and immediately sprint away offering solutions to team mates instead of staying there as statues on the field
* apply fixed plays simulated hundred times at practice with which, in a few passes, a team mate could receive the perfect assist and score
* when they have a clear chance to score they put the ball in the net and not in the parking lot...

..they will not commit the mistakes that will allow the other team to score!

At this point I can affirm, without any possibility to be contradicted, this assumption:

Show me a goal, even the most spectacular, and Iíll show you the mistake/s that provoked it, any goal, even Messiís masterpieces or Rooneyís or Cristiano Ronaldoís irresistible actions.

If you play over and over the footage of any of these unbelievable goals, youíll see that there is always a mistake that provoke the beginning of that action and/or others that permitted that action to continue!

And, if even at a high level (rarely!!) the mistake might be a wrong pass or a wrong first touch, often itís something that didnĎt catch your attention when it first happened because, having happened 10/15 seconds before, apparently itís not connected with the consequential......goal.

Itís doing the wrong things like:

* under pressure not passing back to the keeper.
* passing the ball in front of our area instead of deep on the wings
* trying to dribble an opponent instead of using a wall pass with a team mate
* carrying the ball instead of sending it strong
* insisting in that 10 square yards instead of switching field with a 50 yard chip across the field in a totally empty prairie!!!!!
* marking Ďmaní instead of Ďzoneí defending a corner
* getting caught with the ball at your feet
* getting caught in counter attack in numeric inferiority
* getting trapped with the ball facing our goal
* standing while receiving the ball instead of going to it
* permitting an opponent mid fielder to carry the ball for 15/20 yards and letting him/her shoot a rocket from far away without any opposition.

Even in this case I can continue forever and if we could come together and analyze the footages of 2 or 3 hundreds goals, any goal, Iíd show you the mistakes that provoke them. All of them!

Unfortunately, a good percent of the mistakes that will provoke goals will be made by....... keepers!!! but it would be too long to explain that here.

If youíd like, please read these past articles on this last topic:

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If you would like to have more clarification about the above or, much better, if you would like to have me work with your team/s to eliminate a few of the above mistakes, please donít hesitate to contact me at:

Just to conclude, Iíd like to repeat:

"Show me a goal, even the most spectacular, and Iíll show you the mistake/s that provoked it!!!"


Posted on 10 Jun 2010 by coachgianni
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