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A few of your comments about being always late!
Hello Coach Gianni,

love the story about been on time.. here is my two bits..

If my practice start at 3.15pm...I want you to be there and ready to go at that time ...meaning cleats, shin guards on and warming up...and if you are late for my are cheating yourself, your team and now ..if you show up late for a game...well don't take your warm up jacket off...because you are seating on that bench and earning that name know bench warmer...but mostly you are cheating me and robbing your team..

I don't care how good you are or bad...we need you are part of the team or may be we though you been late you disrespect everyone involve...parents players and of course coaches...coaches... most the time give you their time for free ....yes some do...

I don't know about you...but when I was a kid...I would show up to the previous practice...why…well I always new that they would be missing a players for the final little game at the end of practice…so I would get more…that was my train of tough ..anything to get out of everything except for playing the game ..pick up game in the parking lot… the back of the building ..I am there..

I know this not Europe...pick up game barely exist…not quoit well I play in pick up game 2 or 3 time a week…so I guess if you really can be on time...and play..

See you on the field..

Coach Dominique

Dear Coach Gianni,

Late players? I have some who don't come at all...

(email signed!)

Hi Gianni,

Your newsletter reminded me of a funny story my father told me. He grew up in N.Y. and was to meet his father for lunch in Manhattan one day. He got there at the appointed hour (say 12noon) and his dad was sooooo angry at him for being late! His father was expecting him to be there at least 10 min. early so they could get to their table on time.

From that day on, he was always early to everything. I am exactly the same way! My dad passed down a good trait to me!!!


(emails signed)

Thanks Coach.

Your message came right on time. This "really bad habit" is starting to grow on me. I will put your advice in practice.

Best wishes,

Mario C. Rivera

Hi Gianni,

My beautiful wife ………… used to be an offender, but we sorted it out together.

She always showed up somewhere between 5 min early and 5 minutes late, even for an exercise class that she was leading.

Her main problems were:
The time it took to get somewhere with the kids had a possible 10 minute risk factor

She didn't care enough about being late

There were 3 parts to our solution...

1. I convinced here that it really wasn't right to be 5 min late, when it costs many other people 5 minutes each, and only saves her 5 min. I don't think most parents internalize how incredibly rude it is to show up late to things like soccer practice

2. She re-set her internal clock- as you suggested, so that her target was now 10 min early to on time

3. By getting my daughter to school on time 19 out of 20 days, she earned an iPhone, which enables her to get somewhere early and still have something productive to do it she has to wait for other people.


(email signed!)
Posted on 14 Apr 2010 by coachgianni
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