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Soccer-Football is dead. Rest in peace!

Dear Soccer-Football Lovers,

After having seen dozens of episodes in which the laws of the game were outrageously offended, I kept the hope that at least the top players in the world would have kept a little respect alive for the beautiful game.

But after having seen one of my favorite players ever, Thierry Henry, handling the ball 2 times, TWO TIMES, like he was playing in a basketball game, adjusting the ball in front of him like after that he could have shot at the basket instead of a goal net, I reached my highest point of disgust!

I perfectly understand that in that moment, in the excitement of the action, he could have done that, but I can't accept that a champion of that level, after that shame, could run toward the spectators and share his joy as if he had done the greatest soccer-football action of his carrier.

That shame, kicked Ireland out of the World Cup and sent France to it, in the most unfair way possible. How a Nation can accept this fact in front of the whole world is beyond my comprehension.

Today in the French newspapers it was great to read that French people are ashamed too, after having seen their team go to the World Cup in this way.

I don't blame the Referee, because from his position it was impossible to spot the infraction.

But I blame FIFA for continuing to act like we're still in the Middle Ages, refusing any technology, any improvement, any idea connected with good sense.

And because this fact couldn't be fortuitous, off course there is a precise reason to keep acting like that.

So, from now on, I won't bother you anymore with suggestions of pointing out what could be done to avoid these episodes that, very soon, will bring the beautiful game to a sad end.

I know that many people are already oriented toward other sports in which sportsmanship and respect of the rules are kept in much more consideration.

I'll dedicate myself to developing youth soccer/football players and putting there the principle that have guided my sport life for more than 55 years on a field of grass.

Being a player that never had a yellow card in 35 years, playing in Italy, won't allow me to see these kinds of shameful episodes anymore.

If the Captain of a National Team, who should be an example for the new generation of players is allowed to handle the ball with his hands like that and send another Nation out of the World Cup, we really have lost every decency.

I hope that this episode will be the one that, finally, gives us back the beautiful game. If not, soccer/football is dead.

Rest in peace.

Posted on 07 Dec 2009 by coachgianni
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