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Soccer/Football. It’s time to see instead of just looking and to listen instead of just hearing!

Before reading this article, please force yourself to pretend that I’m not talking specifically to you, or to you or, also, …… to you, who in this exact moment is sitting in front at the computer. I’m talking in general, using the words ‘often’ and ‘if’, to more than 7,000 people of every age and gender who receive this news letter.

Among them there are a few hundred past and present soccer/football students of all ages and genders, and a few hundred soccer/football players of all ages and genders on teams that I’ve coached in the USA in the last 10 years.

I’m writing about this topic, because often I desperately tried to explain to my Soccer/Football Students and Teams, the difference between See & Listen compare to just Look & Hear, but often the information didn’t go through, because they were just looking and hearing.

So, I’ll try one more time.

Our brain is like a super advanced computer. To be more precise, our computer is like a ’rudimentary’ brain!

But the brain, like a computer, doesn’t have an unlimited storage memory and this means that we can’t store an unlimited amount of information. Consequently, every night while we sleep, there is a ’program’ in our brain, that erases the information that we don’t need tomorrow.

Force yourselves to enter into this way of thinking.

Our brain, during our daily life, registers millions of imagines, sounds, noises, words, and so on, that have reached our ears and eyes.

Thousands of them are useful and other millions are not. It just happens that images, sounds and smells come to us. Sounds, most of the time, are just noises! So, we don’t have to store all of them for two very simple reasons:

...that information is already there, so there is no need to store it another time or …we don’t need it!

And here comes the interesting part.

When sounds or noises come to our ears, we just hear them but don’t really listen to them…… YET. Our ears, just collect this information but they didn’t interpret it! They are just ‘receptors’ that transfer the information to our brain. Our brain decides whether just to hear or, put attention, and…


The same happens with our eyes. They collect visual information, but don’t analyze it. Like the ears, they are just receptors. Through the optical nerves, the imagines are transferred to the ’super-computer’ and, there, they are analyzed.
Once again, the brain decides to just look or, put attention, and……………


Everything that we listen to and see, will go deep in the memory and all the rest that we just hear and look at, will stay on the cortex of the brain. When will fall asleep, the ’erasing program’, the one that cleans up the memory, will erase all the sounds, noises and images that we don’t need and tomorrow, there will be a lot a free space to collect (but not stored yet!!!) millions of new information!

Do you already understand where I’m going with this? I hope YES!

If not yet, here’s where I’m going.

If when your coaches explain to you what exercises to do, and why to do them, if you don’t pay attention and don’t stay focused, the words will be received as just sounds or noises but not as useful information, concepts that will make you better players and coaches.

Also, when your coaches demonstrate what they have explained, if you just look with your eyes, but don’t see with your brain, the imagines will not go deep in the memory, but just stay in the cortex.

At night, when you go to sleep, all the words, the concepts, that you just received as noises, or all the demonstrations that you just looked at but didn’t see, will be inexorably……… ERASED!

That’s why, very often, concepts that were explained and demonstrated, seem to never have been said, explained or shown. Because they were never listened to and seen, even after dozens of times!

So, try to understand that it’s very frustrating for us coaches, after having done our job properly, after the reiterated corrections to you players, to hear from you: “ Ha… that‘s what you meant?”


We meant exactly that, because that is exactly what we have clearly said to you and unequivocally shown it to you. The problem is that you didn’t listen to it or see it, but just heard it and looked at it!

In conclusion, because it could happen that you were just looking at the words you just read, instead of seeing them, it is time to stop just…..

WATCHING & HEARING and begin to…


And if you believe that the above was referring to just soccer/football, instead of daily life at 360 degrees around us (daily life in which soccer/football is 0.1 % of it), one more time you didn’t see my article. You just looked at it!

As I said at the beginning, I used the word ’often’ and ‘if’. This means that not all my students or players don’t listen & see so, don’t jump on me!

If you are already listening and seeing, I was clearly NOT referring to you!

Posted on 07 Dec 2009 by coachgianni
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