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Coach Gianni Contest winners.

Standings & Prizes.

All the contenders where 8, 9, 10 and 11 so, I divided them into 2 categories: 8-9 and 10-11.

The Contest was a mix of foot skills and fitness. The section “passing” was tough because, by not passing in the little nets at least 1 of the 4 balls, it cost 60 seconds so, please consider this aspect on the standings!

8-9 Standing

First Grant 159 sec. 4 soccer lessons with coach gianni
Second Lucas 214,5 sec. 2 lessons
Third Mario 220,5 sec. 1 lesson
Fourth Isabella 228 sec. 1 lesson
Fifth Claire 243,5 sec. 1 lesson

10-11 Standing

First Will 136 sec. 4 soccer lessons with coach gianni
Second Greyson 138 sec. 2 lessons
Third Lizzy 152,5 sec 1 lesson
Fourth Alessandra 188 sec. 1 lesson
Fifth Maxim 200 sec. 1 lesson

Special prizes:

To Greyson for his great help at the contest, showing the other contenders how do the exercises, a gift certificate offered by Sunset Soccer Supply for a select soccer ball of $65 value.

To Will, besides his great skills, for helping and coming from Sacramento,
to Isabella for her ‘grace in motion’ and focus in doing the exercises,
to Lizzy for her technical and physical performance,
to Nick for his great effort
and to the ‘little mouse’ Alesso (5 years old!!!) who showed great enthusiasm and was able to put 6 balls in 8 in the little nets, with both feet (better performance than ALL contenders much older than him!!!)

will go a great soccer ball “Strike Rite” plus a DVD to learn how to use it. Please read the section below about this ball.

To Carter a soccer lesson to improve his passing. Without the high time at the passing section he would have come higer in the standing.

All the winners, please write to to set the calendar for your lessons.

Posted on 08 Jun 2009 by coachgianni
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