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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from coach gianni………

Wow, it’s Christmas………….again?

It was January first just last week! Where has this year gone?

As John Lennon was saying “Life is what happens while you are making other plans”. We’re so immersed in daily life, sometimes wasting time in doing things really, REALLY, not important, that we don’t realizing how fast time flies.

Like in the movie “About a boy”, sometimes we bury our life in a kind of automatic mechanism that repeats itself, over an over, and days go buy, weeks go by, months go by and, Christmas is here, again, just like the one last year!

Where I’m going with this? I’m just trying to say Merry Christmas in a ‘little’ different way so, maybe next year it will go by a little………………… slower!

Let's try to find a little more time for ourselves.

When friends or acquaintances ask me the classic question: “Do you prefer to live here or in Italy?” I always answer “80% is better here and 20% is better in Italy.” And when the other usual question follows, “what’s better in Italy?”, I answer “In Italy people work to live, here people live to work!”

So, enjoy your life a little more and dedicate a little more time to things that, apparently, don’t increase your bank account! Walk a little more, maybe take your boy or girl with you. But don’t just go to the beaches, to the parks or to some trails (which is great!), but also walk out from your home, meet the people who live close to you. Ask if they need something, and give them a smile, which costs nothing but gives them a little moment, if not of joy, at list of comfort. This will also teach your kids to be more extrovert and to care for people.

When I first came here, I was working for a construction company. Very often, when my colleagues and I went across the Golden Gate Bridge in the morning coming to the city, we paid the bridge-toll for the car behind us too.

Can you imagine that person’s surprise? I’m sure that he or she was always very pleased about this fact, and probably on arriving to work, when telling the episode to the colleagues, I’m sure that this simple fact brought a moment of happiness. And maybe that person, sometimes, after that day, will pay the toll for the car behind. And I’m also sure that he/she will be a little kinder with everyone else for a very simple reason. The client with whom they’re dealing in this moment could be the person who paid the bridge toll that morning.

It seems to me that it would be easy to enter into this way of thinking: the others, any others, could be the people that in the past have done something kind for us so, why not use a little more kindness with others, independent of who they are?

So, it’s Christmas………again! The usual orgy of presents is about to start!

We’ve gone so far away from its original meaning that is not necessarily only religious. Obviously, for the believers it still is, but for the others it basically means a new iPod, a new TV, a new computer, a new telephone, a new……………..whatever. It seems that what we already have, that was the maximum just yesterday morning, is not good anymore! So, because now we can listen to only 1,500 songs (which takes a few months) we need to hear 3,000 songs as if we could hear them all at once!! So, when we want to hear other songs, why not just change the songs that are there?

And we need a ‘nano’ that is more ‘nano’ than the previous one! The ridiculous aspect is that, being so little, instead of putting it in our pocket, we put it in a plastic holder on our belt, with the smart result of making it bigger than the previous one!

I said ‘smart’, which is also the name of that little and lovely car, SMART, that we see more and more around. Do you know how much time we have to wait if we’d like to buy one?

3 Years!!!!

So, on one hand we have car companies that go bankrupt because they don’t sell cars, and on the other hand we have companies that can’t build cars fast enough!!!! Are we stupid or what? Could it be that the companies that go bankrupt are still building the wrong cars?

We are so stupid that, stealing the words of Chris Rock, even though it’s supposed that a telephone works by ringing, we’ve come to the point of paying for a ring-tone! Why be surprised if after this, telephone companies buy ring-tone companies and sell telephones WITHOUT ring-tones so, of course, we’ll have to pay for it?

They use OUR stupidity!

I perfectly understand that by buying, using, throwing away, buying again…’s a stimulus for the economy so everybody works and everybody’s happy but, this perverse mechanism can’t go on forever. Constant growth is based on something that has to be ’infinite’. Being that our society is ’finite’ and not ‘infinite’, obviously, sooner or later, more sooner that later, the constant growth will inevitably come to an end! (it’s Christmas so, I’ll pretend that we are not there YET and I‘ll pretend that the word ‘recession‘ is related to soccer meaning be relegated to the lower division!)

So, instead of continuing to buy things that we really don’t need, why don’t we occupy our time in creating something with our hands?

As I was saying above, let’s occupy our time in doing something better. Let’s have a hobby. Let’s learn to make things. Do it with your kids in the garage. There’s no space? Give away the things that have accumulated there and haven’t been used in the last few years, and for sure will NEVER be used again, to the Good Will.

Learn how to make paper, learn to do pottery, learn to play an instrument, learn how to make bread or pasta, go out and learn to garden, or watch the sky, or……………whatever.

It’s fun, brings the whole family together, let’s save some money and through these simple activities, we can make great presents for ourselves, for our family and friends.

How many people send out cards with pictures of their families?


What about printing the pictures by yourselves and apply them on paper-cards that you have made? (recycling paper!!!) And, apart from writing the usual greetings, write that you printed the pictures and made the paper by hand with your kids.

This is just a simple idea but you can come out with unbelievable ideas for this Christmas. C’mon show some inventiveness and spend some quality time with the people that you love. Imagine what fun it could be if in 4 or 6 (with your kids) you could create a musical group and at Christmas send out a CD, or better, a DVD, with the whole family playing Festive music wishing a Merry Christmas!

I was saying gardening. Do you know that in the city there are areas that are given for free for gardening? You can go there when you want and leave behind all your worries for a few hours. You can also grown tomatoes, lettuces, zucchini, or whatever you like. What a joy to have a meal with products that we have grown all together with our kids!

O.K. I’ve bothered you enough!

I’d like to remind you of a few other words from John Lennon:

Imagine all the people living life in peace.
You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us,
and the world will be as one.

John also said:

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

I'd like to end with these words from a song by James Taylor: Shed a little Light

Let us turn our thoughts today
To Martin Luther King
And recognize that there are ties between us
All men and women
Living on the Earth
Ties of hope and love
Sister and brotherhood
That we are bound together
In our desire to see the world become
A place in which our children
Can grow free and strong
We are bound together
By the task that stands before us
And the road that lies ahead
We are bound and we are bound

Love knows no limit
and true friendship lasts forever.

Get back in touch with someone………..TODAY!

A sincere Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your families.

your brother in soccer (football),


P.S. My thoughts are for the more than 4,000 families of young women and men who give their lives to give all of us a full tank of gas!

What a waste and what a shame for a nation that considers itself a civilized one!

Posted on 17 Dec 2008 by coachgianni
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