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In Soccer, first things...... first!

I already developed this topic but I would like to approach it differently!

Would you agree that in basketball, to score points and try to win the game, the most important thing is to shoot the ball in the basket? I think so!

Would you agree that in football the most important thing, in order to win the game, is to get the ball to someone that will score a touchdown? I think so!

Would you agree that in baseball, to have a good chance to win the game, the most important thing is to hit the ball out of the infield, to allow runners to score? I think so!

So, that’s why in these 3 sports, they spend a lot of time learning how to shoot at the basket, how to send and receive the ball and run to the end of the field, and to hit the ball hard with the bat, in order to send the ball out of the infield.


Following this way of thinking, can we say that, in order to win a soccer game, we have to put the ball in the opposing net? I think so!

So, how much time do we spend at practice in learning how to shoot, in order to put the ball on the net?


So, also in soccer, first things……………FIRST!

To be able to shoot properly is a gift that just a few soccer players have. All the others have to work on it to learn how to do it. When I say…shoot properly, I mean, not out to the right or the left, not in the arms of the keeper and not above the crossbar! Powerful, a couple feet from the posts, 1 foot from the ground, from outside of the big box!

How? Just simply do this:

-Put the foot that supports the weight of your body to the side of the ball.
-Bend, a little, the leg of that foot.
-The leg that will shoot has to be bent backward, like when you stretch that leg. (obviously, if you never stretched, you don’t know what I’m talking about, please stop to reading now! Good bye and good luck!)
-After the bending, the knee has to be snapped the hardest possible, because the power is generated NOT BY THE WHOLE LEG, but from the knee down!
-Lock the ankle by pushing with the toes backward on the sole of your shoe.
-Hit the ball exactly in the center, with the laces.
-Look at the ball while hitting it!

Seems complicated? Noooooo! It’s MORE complicated! That’s why there are coaches that will teach you how to do this, bringing you there, step by step!

Can I try to making a living teaching this or what?

So, I was saying…first things….. first!

Supposing that you have learned how to shoot properly, during a game under pressure, you need another basic thing. Sorry if I underline this in a way that seems ‘sarcastic’ but, in order to do that……you need the ball!

This means that someone has to give you an………..


And this doesn’t mean that someone will pass the ball to you. This, it will be called a……………….pass! In order to be an assist, that pass, has to put you in a clear position to easily control the ball while running toward the goal, make 1 or 2 steps, shoot a rocket and………score!

This pass/assist has to be done in the right corridor, with the right speed and, more importantly, directly on to the space BEHIND the defenders, where you’ll arrive to the magic rendezvous with the ball and, almost not touching it, by keeping your speed, in a couple of steps……………………. shoot! That will be an assist!

Seems hard give an assist? Yes it is! It’s harder than shoot properly! That’s why there are enough Inzaghis or Rooneys and there are just a few Pirlos!

Can this be taught?

Shooting, if you have a minimum of coordination………………..YES!

Give an assist?

If you have the gift inside you, if you have the vision…….it could be brought out and developed! Something that isn’t there, can’t be put there!

It will take me just a few hours to teach you how to shoot properly and powerfully. It will take me just a few minutes (probably less!) to tell you if you can give an assist or not!

So, you’ll save money! Fair enough?

Coach Gianni

Posted on 29 Jan 2008 by coachgianni
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