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This is not a joke. That’s why it’s so funny!

I had business recently with a kind person and during the conversation she mentioned an episode that happened to her. I asked her to write an email to me about that. I am sure you‘ll like the story.

Coach Gianni


I was standing in the ticket line at the movie theater with my friend to see the movie Titanic. We became aware of the fact that the two teenage girls behind us were also in line to see the same movie because they were talking excitedly about how great the movie's special effects were supposed to be.

My friend decided to strike up a conversation with them and added that she had heard that the special effects when the boat sank were amazing. Both girls stopped talking at once, gave my friend an exasperated look and exclaimed "The boat sinks?! Why would you tell us that, we haven't seen the movie yet! You just ruined it for us!"

Posted on 29 Jan 2008 by coachgianni
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