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Scoring more goals and sportmanship from Coach Steve Chiappetto

Good morning Coach Gianni,

I really enjoyed your message on scoring. I’m in total agreement with you that teams play “not to lose” with the hope of scoring on a counter at some point during the game. I have AT&T Uverse cable which gives me about 50 sports channels. It allows me to watch college men and woman’s soccer most nights. I see a lot of games which are played with just one player up. They simply play long ball after long ball back to the defense hoping the one forward just might get to it to set up an attack. It can get pretty boring at times.

Another thing about watching a lot of Division I collage soccer was the chance to see the quality, or rather lack of quality, of play. I realized I was expecting more out of my U14 girls team than I was seeing at the college level. I actually think it has helped me be a better coach. While I continue to push strong technical skills, I cut the players a lot more slack for mistakes/decisions made during the game. Before this I think most of the games I could find to watch were European professional games. It probably set a higher expectation from me than was right.

You mentioned the sportsmanship involved in lopsided games. This past weekend we went up 4-0 early in the second half. At that time I pulled a player off the field and played 11 v 10. Once we went up 5-0, I pulled another player off the field and instructed no more shots. I told the girls to see how many passes they could make before losing possession. After the game a parent from the opposing team complained to me that I was trying to embarrass the other team by doing this. The final score was 7-2. Believe it or not, I went home Sunday feeling bad and wondered if I had done the right thing beating another team 7-2.

Hope all is well with you in San Francisco . I enjoy your emails and look forward to the opportunity to see you again one day. If you’re ever in the San Ramon Valley with your team be sure and let me know.

Coach Steve Chiapetto
Posted on 24 Oct 2007 by coachgianni
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