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Substitutions from Julio

Coach Gianni,

I totally agreed with your comments regarding substitutions if you are refering to Youth, College and Amateur level soccer but will you really think the same way if you were the owner of a professional team and one of your players is Ronaldinho and you are paying this player millions of dollars to play? as an owner of this team would you like to see him been sub and spend 5 min in the bench when you know that every min is costing you thousands of dollars? I wouldn't.

I truly enjoy your website, keep it up; you definetly are doing a great job!

Best regards,



Hi Julio,

Instead to have him injured because he play to much, so he will miss a couple months? I'll say..................YES!!!!

The meaning of my article was exactly this. In Youth and Amatorial, is already like that so, I was using that as a positive example to bring it at a professional level.

Ciao gianni
Posted on 08 Oct 2007 by coachgianni
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