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A moral soccer contract with the players of your team!

In order to avoid misunderstandings during the soccer season and to establish a clear relationship among players, parents and myself, I wrote a letter like this one, and I find it very useful.

Obviously you can adjust it according to your need!

It can be sent by email to the parents and the players, or given at the field the first time the team comes together. In the first case, they could print it. In both cases, the players should give the letter back to the coach after having signed it!

A little responsibility hasn’t killed anyone……………………………… yet!

It could even be given to 10 years old players. It’s never to early to become responsible.


Dear Players,

Please, consider this a kind of moral contract that I already signed in giving it to you. I expect all of you to sign it in acceptance.

What you can expect from your coach.

-I'll give you my knowledge, enthusiasm, experience and dedication.
-I'll always come on time to practices and games.
-I have planned the season's practices, to develop all the topics that we need, to be a competitive team.
-At the games, I will be there 1 hour before the beginning for warm-up, stretching and to review the game strategies. 30 minutes if the game is at 8:30am.
-I'll never argue with the officials, opponent players and coaches. Don't forget that I'm a referee too and in all of my 30 year career as a soccer player, I NEVER had a yellow card and was never expelled from the field.
I'll always explain what I expect at practice and at the game. I'll demonstrate or ask some players to demonstrate.
-If I raise my voice it will ONLY be so that I can be heard from far away and -if I say something to anyone, even a ‘little’ strongly or directly, it's not personal. It's between coach and players and stays on the field at the end of practices or games.
-You can count on me on a personal level so, feel free to ask me any questions or share any problems that you have as a player or as a person. Email me or call me. My phone numbers are on the cover of my website

What I'm expecting from you.

-Even if we dedicate 1/3 of the practice time to improving your individual soccer skills and you work hard, there would be marginal improvement. You will improve a lot, if you do the 'homework' that I give you to do by yourself every day. What could be ENORMOUSLY improved at practice, is at a team level. We will work on keeping the right shape on the field, moving all together, fixed plays in defending and counter attacking, corners and direct free kicks, etc. etc. In these aspects, we can make our team outstanding and victorious.
-Every player, when we have the ball, or when we win it back, will be the play-maker who starts an action in which every player has a precise roll and a job to do, to build a clear opportunity to score. THIS CAN BE LEARNED ONLY AT PRACTICE WITH THE WHOLE TEAM THERE. If you don't come consistently to practice, we will NEVER learn to act as a team.
-At the game, the team needs all the possible substitutions.
Be at the field 1 hour before the beginning of the game (30 minutes for 8:30 games) dressed and ready for warm-up, stretching and review of game strategies.
-Anyone, at any age, can play soccer but this doesn't make her or him a soccer player. Before being a soccer player, you need to be an athlete. This means, eat healthy, sleep enough, stay fit and improve soccer skills. If you are unable to do this, you're not a soccer player. You just play soccer, like anyone, and don't need a coach. (in particular one that your parents pay!) So, go play soccer a the beaches or to the parks and have fun!
-I'll expect that you don't argue with opponents (after a foul, shake hands) or with the referee! He will never change his decision and the ONLY result is to make him mad at us. Exactly what we don't need!
-There are no STARTERS or RESERVES. We just start in 11 because we can't play in 17! Any substitution during the game will be only for technical reasons or a natural rotation of all players. So, don't get mad at me but instead, sustain and encourage your teammates on the field.
-Honor the jersey that you wear. It's like a flag that represents your team, your teammates, your family, your school and your coaches.
Honor the game and it's laws. Without law, referees and opponents, there is no soccer. Without soccer, we can't have fun.
-I won't wish you good luck, because you don't need it. Just do what we learn all together at practice, and VICTORY will only be a consequence.

Coach Gianni

Player print name .............................. Signature………………………………

Posted on 05 Sep 2007 by coachgianni
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