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A few kind words from Justin, about don't force kids to play soccer.

Dear Coach,

Thank you for such a smart and inspiring article. I agree 100%. Not
just in soccer, but now in all sports children are thrust into
"organized sports" without first developing a love for it.
I didn't pick up soccer until I was 27! I have always been athletic
playing Div. I college tennis and I also played several other sports
through high school. Yet, my only memory of soccer was a tryout for
a travelling team that I had no hope of making. I fell in love with
soccer only later in life , but struggled at 27 to find a place to
even learn the basics. I wish I had learned as a child.

Now I have a 3 year old daughter and a son on the way. No only do I
want them to play sports, but play soccer. However, only if they
want to. I want them to love the game, not to feel forced. I was
"forced" to play piano and I remember just hating it, for I was
taught the technical things but not the art and lyricism that get you
hooked. I want to share my love for soccer, not because I feel they
have to like it, but because it is such a wonderful part of my life.

Especially now with childhood obesity such a problem, sports should
be a part of every child's youth. Unfortunately for many, only very
athletic kids play and the others are left out. You can enjoy sports
even if you do something else with your life. 98% of Division I US
college athletes go professional in something else! Yet, I bet that
not one regrets having it as part of their life or deny it enriches
them as people.


Justin Saj, New York
Posted on 01 Aug 2007 by coachgianni
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