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New law don't touch the ball not needed by Ref. Ernie

Iím a coaching director and a referee coordinator as well as an official on the field though not as much since my knees constantly swell up.

When I enter the pitch I say one thing to the players. Play the ball not the player. I do not think it is necessary to explain with another law what unsporting behavior is.

What is necessary is to focus on it a little more and remind players not to touch the ball after the whistle. We saw this in the World Cup. A good referee does not control the game with his whistle first. Communication is the key to expecting proper behavior on the field. The center referee needs to take charge and not allow any delay in the restart.

Trying to define delay will just lead to more counting of seconds. We already have 6 seconds for the GK. So now we wish to count 30 seconds for the restart or itís a yellow card for the GK? I do not think this is the solution. The referee should simply remind players to back off and if they interfear with play when the team with possession does not ask for 10, then a yellow card is more than appropriate.


Posted on 13 Jun 2007 by coachgianni
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