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Teams beat teams, not single soccer players. And REAL coaches help them!

I deeply believe that this is a fundamental, and true, soccer rule. And, even if for every rule there is an exception, it is just that, so this is still the rule!

In the history of soccer, there was ONLY ONE EXCEPTION of this rule, and that exception was Diego Maradona. He was the ONLY EXCEPTION, something unique, like in other fields, not a soccer field, as Mozart, DaVinci, Einstein, Jordan, Wood or Schumacher.

These people where, and still are, a few centuries ahead of their time, and the other people in their era, sometimes don’t understand their genius, because it was, and is, to far ahead!

So, except for them, and coming back to soccer, teams beat teams and not single players!

Just to make an example, a few years ago the ’legend’ of a team called Chievo began. Chievo is a little fraction of the city of Verona in Italy. Verona was a second level team in Italy, that playing as a team, was able to win the Serie A season. That, was already something really great!

So, this unknown team, Chievo, was playing in a semi-professional league. It was coached by coach Gigi Del Neri. This team, made up of people that besides playing soccer had a normal and traditional job, won 4 seasons CONSECUTIVELY, arriving in Serie A, the top professional level in Italy and Europe too! This means that they won Amateur, D, C, B Division, in 4 years!

When they got to Serie A, and had to play against Juventus, A.C. Milan, Inter Milan, 3 of the 10 strongest teams in the entire world, everyone said that the path of this ’Cinderella’ team, had come to an end. Result?

In the first 6 month of the Serie A season, they defeated, Juventus, A.C. Milan and Inter, and were in first place of the standing!!!!

With what?

With something called………………………………...... play as a TEAM!

So, semi-professional players and their coach, were able to beat, regularly, the strongest teams in the world!

Playing as a team takes a strong belief in the coach’s teaching and instructions, in team-mates, in the practice simulations and, very important, it takes understanding that by moving and acting all together, they will be a kind of soccer machine that can ’grind up’ any team in the world, by constantly creating an enormous numeric superiority on the field, in defense, half field and in attack!

This, and only this, can make a team victorious! Defending in 11, attacking in 11. So, always come back behind the ball in 11 when we lose it and counter attack, when the ball is won back, in 11!

To do this, you need 11 players on the field, and great substitutions, that are 11 defenders, sorry Koach Karl, 11 backs hunting for the ball when the other team has it, and 11 forwards, when the 11 backs become that, after having won the ball back!

To learn to do this, if the players have what I underline in the link below, doesn’t take years. It takes a lot of humility, intelligence, altruism, and the strong believing that In soccer, as in life, anything is possible if you wish hard enough. !

It also takes what I called the 4 D’s of success. Desire. Determination. Dedication and Discipline! The four “D’s” of success in soccer and in life, too!

Can this be taught?

Taught by a soccer coach, in a couple of hours practice a week,


In 80% of the cases, these 4 D’s are something inborn, something genetic! But supposing that they could be taught, they could be taught not by the coach in 2 hours a week but BY THE PARENTS!!!! if they could only find the time to educate their kids!!

So, if a coach is so lucky to have a group of players that have the above characteristics, he can reach any goal with his team!

A coach, besides his ability and knowledge as a coach (this is acquired by STUDYING!!!!!), has to be an ex-soccer player (not necessarily outstanding!) and a soccer addict who has seen thousands of soccer games at a high level!

Please try to understand that ‘talent’ has to be there not only if you are a soccer player, but even to be a coach or a referee! How can someone teach to play the piano if he or she is not a pianist? How can you teach singing if you are out of tune? How can you teach painting or drawing if you are not good at it? So, how you can teach to kick the ball properly if you are not able to?????

The coach has to be the oldest soccer player on the team (that’s why he or she has to be an ex, even if not necessarily a great player!) that keeps playing in his free time. He is ‘ideally’ on the field with them and, from the side line, can see situations that can’t bee seen from inside the field.

He has to be able to reconstruct those situations at practice, and repeat them by simulating them over and over, until the team can actuate them automatically, like a chorus that sings perfectly just a few pieces or an orchestra that performs a piece perfectly, after hundreds of repetitions, repetitions and repetitions.

This is the secret. Having understood what really happens during a game, how the ball comes out from the hands of the keeper and, after 2 or 3 passes, reaches a player that is in the perfect situation to put the ball in the opponent’s net!

Does it seem easy? Yes. And it seems easy because it is EASY!

But to make it easy takes all of ones life on a soccer field. Understand what is REALLY IMPORTANT and after, it will be very easy to transfer it to others, if they like to learn and have the characteristics that I have underlined above!

In conclusion, teach your team to act as a team by moving back and forth all together, in defending and attacking. Teach the forwards to put the ball in the net like a soccer killer. Teach your keeper to play for US and not for THEM. Teach your team to come back all together, BEHIND THE BALL when the other team has it and, much more important, always make them remember that there was ONLY ONE SOCCER PLAYER THAT CAN WIN A GAME BY HIMSELF, and fortunately, he doesn’t play soccer anymore!

Fortunately! Otherwise, who would need a soccer coach?

Coach Gianni

Posted on 11 Jun 2007 by coachgianni
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