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In soccer, being naturally left footed is a great gift from Mother Nature.

Our brain is basically divided into two parts, that interact and exchange information by mixing them through electrical and chemical connections.

The left part supervises the daily life needs and is very pragmatic and organized. All the logistics aspects are there. The left part, is very smart and always knows what’s happening. It knows exactly what time, day, month, year it is. In short, it’s always there to supervise everything happening around us, and command everything that we need to stay alive, like breathing or making our heart beat!

The right side, is where creativity and fantasy reside, and it’s totally disconnected from the passing of time, as we are use to considering it. Time doesn’t exist for it. What it cares about is inventing, day dreaming and supervising creativity in all it’s millions of expressions!

Do you want an example that there is no sensation of time passing for the right side of the brain? Do you ever noticed that when you draw, play an instrument or simply read something that you really like, when you check the time, suddenly you realize that time has passed very quickly? Have you ever found that it’s getting dark and when you started reading it was light out?

Personally, when I write articles, if I didn’t put on the alarm, I’d never be on time to practices and soccer lessons!

The interesting and curious part is that, the optic nerve of the right eye, plus the nerves of the right arm and foot are connected with the left part of the brain. The pragmatic one.

The ones of the left eye, hand and foot, are connected with the right part of our brain. The creative one.

In a fraction of a second, the brain mixes all the information and has a complete picture of the surroundings, physically and emotionally. But, even if the process is very fast, this is not instantaneous. So, there is a fraction of time, in which the information that goes to the right side of the brain, could be ‘prey’ of creativity and invention. What happens there?

It happens that genial solutions can be generated, before the left part can generate a more ’calm’ and ’correct’ decision, more in tune with a normal life, without taking risks that could jeopardize it!!!! This is the process that generates intuitions and sparkling of genius that we ‘know’ are absolutely right, without going through a long and logical process of thinking. We instantaneously know, that we are right, even if we aren’t able to explain why yet!

Did you ever noticed that many among the greatest artists, like painters and musicians, were and still are left handed?

If you check the statistics and the rankings in any sports, in particular individual sports, like tennis, you’ll be surprised to notice how many left handed people there are in the first hundred positions. It’s unbelievable how many are in the first 20 and were even number one!!! Do you remember John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Manuel Orantes, Guilermo Vilas or Martina Navratilova and Monica Seles, just to name a few from the past, arriving to today‘s Rafael Nadal?

If the proportion between left and right handed was 50-50%, it would be normal to find many left handed in those positions, but considering that left handed people make only 10% of the population, the fact of finding many top ranked, for sure means something.

Coming to soccer, being left footed, clearly the information that will arrive to the brain from the left eye and foot , will generate answers (instruction) for the foot that will arrive from the ‘genial’ right side and provoke some irresistible soccer actions, that all the soccer lovers for sure remember, from the greatest left footed players. Many that use the left are, in any case, ambidextrous players, but the ones who prefer the left, are often outstanding!

To attest to the fact that this is absolutely true, there is a drawing technique, that I have learned, that permits us to enormously improve our drawing skills in just a few hours. And the unbelievable thing is that we don’t need to use our left hand. We just need to train our mind, to imagine that the right hand is connected with the right part of the brain, instead of the left! So, the right handed, can also cultivate the ability to use the right part of the brain, even if not getting to the level of genius. Obviously, to use the left hand would be easier, but it takes a lot of practice before reaching the same ability that we have ‘naturally’ acquired through the years of using the right hand.

Genius is inherited and inborn but, we can try to get better anyway!

So, practice, people, practice. Instead of teaching your right brain to receive messages from the right foot, develop the soccer skills of your left foot, and you’ll be surprised at the results! Plus, you’ll double the chances of your team, by being able to powerfully cross from the left corner of the field, besides shooting from the border of the big box, with both feet.

But it will be when you’re able to handled the ball with the left foot, that you’ll be more creative and will surprise the opponents by putting on the field some sudden……………………………… ‘genial’ solutions.

Coach Gianni

Posted on 21 May 2007 by coachgianni
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