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This American culture has lost its way. From David.


Your column on the lost opportunity from the horrific tragedy
of Virginia Tech was right on point and brings into sharp focus the
fact that American society seems increasingly shaped by selfishness
and petty individualism, rather than by a sense of deep meaning and

This American culture, and I'm afraid many other cultures
that are following our seemingly mindless and immoral lead, has lost
its way and is rudderless, both politically and spiritually.

We are bereft of a moral compass. Most Americans seem content
to watch mindless TV programs, and worship the vacuous celebrities
that do little more than sell products to them. This is such a waste
of the human spirit. Of course, there is a minority of Americans who
are aware and who continue to cling to the hope that something
or someone will start to turn our society around, and to head
it on a course of enlightenment, where our vast wealth can be used
to make meaningful change on a worldwide scale.

Until there is serious, intelligent, and inspired leadership in this
country, our fellow Americans and many citizens of the world will
continue to lose valuable opportunities for meaningful change, just
like they lost the tragic lessons of September 11 and Virgina Tech.

Keep the faith. Ti abbraccio,

Posted on 12 May 2007 by coachgianni
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