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A sport much harder than soccer. Being a mom!

Mother’s Day comes every year. This Sunday 13th will not be an exception.

The usual orgy of flowers, chocolates and anything else that this modern society of consumers invents, to transform the day into one of the greatest business periods of the year!

But, fortunately, the meaning of this day is not just that. I found out that this ‘holiday’ is one step away from the celebration of the centennial of its original meaning and that is:

A great fighting spirit.

It was thanks to the endless and unstoppable effort of a tenacious woman of Philadelphia in 1907, that the US proclaimed the second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day. Anna Jarvis, on the second anniversary of her mother’s death, honored her and the other millions of mothers, by starting a peaceful movement with the goal to better their health and educational conditions.

It was not easy to do something like that in 1907. It would be hard today!!! Nothing couldn’t stop her. She fought her battle and she won it. She won her battle after a ‘hammering’ campaign with letters and petitions to politicians and businessmen all over the country. This great woman, showed us how weak we are today, after one century, and that EVERYTHING can be achieved, if we want to fight, for REAL!!

Just one year ago, after almost a century, the movement has arrived in internet. It’s call and has it’s ‘manifesto’ in six points playing on the acronyms of MOTHERHOOD:

M Maternity & Paternity Leave.
O Open Flexibility Work.
T TV & After-School Programs.
H Healthcare for All Kids.
E Excellent Childcare.
R Realistic & Fair Wages.

HOOD Visiting the Neighborhood.

This means: Give to the American mothers, who work, a maternity leave (USA and Australia, are the only occidental supposedly civilized countries not to have it), health care for all kids and quality free time, a more livable life for the moms that work, no discrimination in salary and the chance to have a career.

In our country (USA), the job of an ‘unbelievable’ person that is all together: Teacher, Chef, Doctor, Lawyer, Nurse, Psychologist, Team Manager, Coach and Housekeeper, is compensated by the State, for less than $2 an hour for every child!

The most positive aspect of the movement is that for the first time, there’s no more ‘War of Mothers’ between the ones that stay home (by choice or because they have to) and the ones that work (by choice or because they have to).

Way to go MOMS OF AMERICA and thanks for your endless effort in taking care of your families and your jobs. And, in particular, thanks for remembering that when you have a child, you already have another ’child’ grown up, that’s your husband or partner, who keeps having fun by kicking the soccer ball around, while you keep making the other much bigger ball, our planet, turn around and go around the sun!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart. My round, red and black striped, soccer heart.

Coach Gianni

Posted on 11 May 2007 by coachgianni
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