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All of us lost a great opportunity!

My weekly news letter is just that, weekly, so I can’t be absolutely current because I prepare the material in advance.

But how can I not talk about one of the greatest tragedies in American history? I wrote this on April 19 and now it’s almost 2 weeks later but, even at that time, for America it was like the shooting happened 2 years ago!!!!! On that day, April 19th, just a few days after the shooting, the main titles of many media sources, like Yahoo News, were very ‘deep‘, like:

-Boo who? There's nothing typical about PGA golfer Boo Weekley, which is why he's winning fans over.
-Alba brings sexy back Jessica Alba and Justin Timberlake top the list of sexiest celebs, Victoria's Secret says.
-Wedding day at the beach More couples are exchanging vows in exotic locations rather than their hometown.

This is really unbelievable!!!! Please, don’t tell me that, someone, really cares about these………………………….absurdities!!!!

During the shooting, without forgetting for even one second the gravity and the tragedy of 33 lost lives, something more important died that day:

AMERICAN PUBLIC OPINION!!! More precisely, it was probably never born!

For my job, I talk with a lot of people during the day. I frequent places with a lot of people like stores, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, pubs, soccer fields or squares in down town. Even on the same day of the shooting, people weren’t talking about it!!!!!

How is this possible? How is it possible that people are not touched by the most tragic of school shootings in American history????

As I said on other occasions, I come from another planet. On that planet, even in a city like Milano with 3 million people and a frenetic business life, in Duomo Square, there are constantly dozens of groups of 50/100 people that debate about everything.

From sports to politics, from cinema to theater, from painting to sculpting, from past history to recurrent tragic facts, from the Premier to the political coalitions, and so on. Two people debate, with passion, and the others just……………………………… listen.

Sometimes, someone from the listeners adds his opinion and, from that moment, he or she enters into the debate. When people go home, or reach other debating groups, these people spread something that is priceless:


This sum of opinions, ideas or points of view that are different from ours, form the PUBLIC OPINION. That rare concept with which ALL the people in charge have to confront themselves, everyday!

Here, if citizens disagree with the administration, nothing happens! In Italy and in all of Europe, the governments can find themselves facing 2 million people who come from all over the country, taking a train on Sunday, and go to the front of the Government Palace, your (our) White House, and ask to be heard!

Believe me. I saw this many times. It’s better for the politicians to come down into the street and LISTEN to what the ones that represent 2 million people (a ‘little’ angry!) have to say!!!!

And this, fortunately, always happens!

What the youth student did was horrible. But how is it possible that a kid gets to this point of desperation, without anyone around him understanding that he will explode, with a devastating anger?

Classmates, professors, counselors, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, police officers, parents, friends (?????), other simple human beings. How is it possible that NO ONE noticed that the ’bomb’ was ready to explode??????

How? Simple. NO ONE CARES!!! Even the ones that are put there, and paid to do only one thing:


In high school, Cho Seung-Hui almost never opened his mouth. When he finally did, his classmates laughed, pointed at him and said: "Go back to China."

Among other things, the 23-year-old South Korean immigrant was sent to a psychiatric hospital and pronounced an imminent danger to himself.

WHY WASN’T HE PUT UNDER OBSERVATION AND CURED???? Or, as is the usual way of doing things in the Colleges and Universities, expelled?????

Instead putting him in a physician’s care, they absurdly told him to provide for his own cure, as if he was in the condition to take the adequate steps!!!!

He was accused of stalking two women and photographing female students in class with his cell phone. Did no one realized that, by taking pictures, he was just trying to ‘take’ with him the imagines of what was forbidden to him????

And his violence-filled writings were so disturbing he was removed from one class, and professors begged him to get counseling.

Begged him to get counseling????
What do these people have in their heads instead of brains????

The kid, clearly, couldn’t help himself. He was the one that was ‘begging’ for help!!!!!

He rarely looked anyone in the eye and did not even talk to his own roommates. Did you see the footage that he filmed about himself, when he finally looked straight and talked? He looked straight into the eye of the camera, and talked very straight. Unfortunately, he was also talking with 2 guns, really straight!

Cho, who killed 32 people and committed suicide at the Blacksburg campus Monday, cast himself in his video diatribe as a persecuted figure like Jesus Christ.

This human being, was clearly in need of help!!!

Classmates in Virginia, where Cho grew up, said he was teased and picked on, apparently because of shyness and his strange, mumbly way of speaking.

Once, in English class at Westfield High School in Chantilly, Va., when the teacher had the students read aloud, Cho looked down when it was his turn, said Chris Davids, a Virginia Tech senior and high school classmate. After the teacher threatened him with an F for participation, Cho began reading in a strange, deep voice that sounded "like he had something in his mouth," Davids said. "The whole class started laughing and pointing and saying, `Go back to China,'" Davids said.

Stephanie Roberts, 22, a classmate of Cho's at Westfield High, said that friends of hers who went to middle school with him told her they recalled him getting bullied there. "There were just some people who were really mean to him and they would push him down and laugh at him," Roberts said. "He didn't speak English really well and they would really make fun of him."

Please, try not to misunderstand me but, when we are hurt like this, everyday, and we can’t heal our wounds, the pain keeps accumulating and little by little, reaches our brain. At that point the brain itself is hurt, and we become a beast that wants only revenge, believing that the entire world around us is responsible for our pain so, at that point of desperation, we’ll punish the whole world!

And after, take our life too. That is the extreme way of asking for the most desired thing in the world. The extreme request of being…............LOVED!!!

The most fundamental sentiment, that this young man never had.

As I said at the beginning, all of us lost a great opportunity to give just a little attention to the others, maybe a little less fortunate than us. By doing that, by reaching out a hand in his direction, maybe we would have helped him in revealing his suffering, his REAL!!!! and not imaginary sensation to be rejected, his desperate need to be considered, not special, not better than others, not above us, but just………………………………............normal, like all of us.

Was this too much to ask? It seems………………………………!

But, even if you don’t agree, let’s talk, let’s exchange opinions, come out from your holes. There are people around us. We are not islands in the middle of nowhere. We are an archipelago and, with a little effort, we can build bridges that connect the islands, we can change island, meet other people, exchange opinions, form a common opinion that could make our life, the life of everyone, a little more livable.

And, maybe, with a few less guns and, possibly, not made available to us…………………......…….at the supermarket!

Just………………………….maybe………………………………or no?

Thanks for having read this. And, if you like, let me know what you think. Like in Duomo Square.

Coach Gianni

Posted on 03 May 2007 by coachgianni
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