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All of us lost a great opportunity from C.

Coach Gianni,

Thank you very much for your latest newsletter about the shootings at Virginia Tech. I think many Americans made Cho out to be a supernatural villain out of a horror movie and never grasped the fact that he was a human with feelings. It seems that many of the catastrophes that happen in this nation (Hurricane Katrina, Sept. 11) bring out the deep racism in this country that usually slides below the surface. The intolerance of Cho's classmates and the inaction of his teachers disgust me. Although it is true that not every troubled kid goes on a shooting rampage, there has to be something visibly wrong for someone to be that angry at complete strangers.

Your point about how no one cares is the root of the shootings, but unfortunately this country is more concerned that Cho is an immigrant than the fact that those around him were (........................)

Thank you again for your article. It really gets to the heart about what Americans should be discussing.

Posted on 02 May 2007 by coachgianni
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