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Lack of love for one another from Coach Michelle

Hi Gianni:

I enjoyed your article about our lack of compassion in the United States. What happened at Virginia Tech was a tragedy and everyone is so caught up in their own little world no one reaches out to individuals that don't fit in. My question is where are the parents here? Were they clueless also? Much comes from the family and if you do not have a support system there that cares and recognizes that someone is crying out for love should they not take the time to help them and communicate issues?

Sure we can look at all and blame those who did not take action but as you said he needed love to be sure it wasn't coming from his family. I know family is so important in other countries and we have lost some of that here in America with the "Me" first attitude. No one knows how to negotiate and problem solve. I think coping would be a good class for students to take don't you? Coping with loss, love, and violence.

I just think sometimes feel we have so much we forget about the things that are priceless like love and this is what matters most. How much love do have that we forget our own in a catastrophe like Katrina? We might of gained some freedoms in America but we have lost the ability to reach out without be asked. I know I have stopped at accidents and helped called 911 etc but most don't want to get involved why is that? Lack of love for one another. Help an elderly person carry their groceries open a door for them etc. Lack of love for one another.

Well again another article...

You and I understand passion....those who don't experience it they don't live to the fullest!!

Yours in Soccer
Michelle Lee

Posted on 02 May 2007 by coachgianni
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