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High School/Club Soccer from (obviously) anonymous as always!!!

I think you need to go back across the water if you believe other sports do not have clubs in the US. Baseball, Basketball and Volleyball all have clubs and year around play. You talk about money. Soccer is the largest sport for making money outside of HS sports. Soccer in the US has become a business and has gotten away from the sport. AYSO and CYSA only cares about numbers. Numbers bring in big dollars.

I have been coaching since 1981. I coached AY for 18 years and CY the remaining time. I also coach HS Varsity. Soccer has created a new business. You have paid coaches, trainers, referee and referee coordinators. And their isn't even a league for woman. The Men's soccer league is a joke. So what do you see club teams doing better than HS? It's all about the money.
Posted on 25 Apr 2007 by coachgianni
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