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High School/Club Soccer from Coach Michelle

Hi Gianni:

I feel you are right soccer at Club level soccer is much more developed and really works with the players all year. Most European clubs have academies and give the future soccer players an education and soccer training how great is that!!! After my bad incident at High School I have concluded I will stay with my club and promote and teach soccer in a more soccer friendly environment. Now I am involved with the NPSL in Santa Cruz I love soccer and hope someday to see the popularity grow in the US and I am trying to be part of the that movement.

I am 52 and just played a game in a women's league and it is the most fun we may have lost but Americans miss the point that is not the score but how the game is played that makes it the most beautiful sport.

Anyways I enjoy your articles...

Yours in Soccer
Michelle Lee
SCC Breakers 91G
Posted on 25 Apr 2007 by coachgianni
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