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unconventional soccer practice ideas from Alex

Hello Coach Gianni

I will expand a little on your unconventional soccer practice ideas.
The best thing I ever did was buy soccer shoes that work on any
surface. Now I take the soccer ball everywhere, people think I'm
obsessed, and I am! Anyway, when you take a soccer ball everywhere
it is amazing how many FUN games you can make for yourself when
encountering weird landscapes, like giant empty parking lots.

Also, when I take the soccer ball everywhere I meet people from many
different countries and often play short game with them.

I have played the uphill game by myself. Except it was going up the
largest sand dunes in the United States (eureka dunes, Death Valley
National park). Depending on the weather, If the ball rolls down
it's even more devastating.

Play till you die,


Posted on 12 Apr 2007 by coachgianni
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