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Good Bye Tower Records

There is a modern quotation from the Italian comedian Beppe Grillo that, in general, I like very much and it’s:

“Real technology is that which permits us not to move, not that which permits us to move faster!”

We always try to move faster and after that, we don’t know what to do with the time that we have, apparently, gained. I remember, in the novel ‘The little prince’, when a merchant tries to sell him a pill that permits one not to drink anymore. When the little prince asked him, what was the meaning of that, the merchant said: ”without drinking, you’ll save a few minutes during the day”. At that point the little prince said: ”If I had a few more minutes free during the day, I would walk really slowly toward a fountain, across a sunny square, and………………………………… enjoy drinking at the fountain!!”

So, technology that permits us not to move, sometimes could be great, but not always. After the explosion of Internet and the possibility to buy everything on the net, for sure we saved a lot of time, but what was the price that we paid?

Even pretending not to see that 1 American in every 3, at any age, is heavier than the other 2 put together!!!!!, because they live in front of the computer, by buying everything on the net, we forced thousands of stores, some of them HISTORICAL, to disappear in a few years! And the sad part is that it’s in front at our eyes, here in San Francisco, and it seems that we can do nothing to fix this.

Does anyone remember one of the most important book stores in the world, the Libreria Rizzoli on Post St.? It disappeared 3 years ago! And the toy store FAO SCHWARZ ? It was an institution that touched the life of hundreds of thousands of people, not only San Franciscans. Disappeared 2 years ago!

From the time I first came to San Francisco, being a movie and music addict, in 8 years I’ve passed hours at Tower Records every month, and always bought something (much more than something!). It was a kind of an institution, in a city in which a store that is there for 38 years, is like being there for 5 or 6 centuries in Italy!

So, this Christmas brought a great present to all the San Franciscans who were very busy buying stuff on-line: Tower Records is gone forever.

To see all the furniture that was full of the best music ever made, from rock to jazz, from opera to country, really brakes my heart.

Little by little, we lose pieces of something that was our life and, consequently, without realizing, we lose ourselves.

Coach Gianni
Posted on 27 Mar 2007 by coachgianni
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